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40 years ago: Girls’ Staters receive cautious encouragement

June 8, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 8, 1971:

  • Today marked the fifth anniversary of the deadly tornado that had cut a four-block-wide, eight-mile-long path through Topeka. The funnel in the 1966 storm had touched down southwest of the city and had not lifted until it had reached the extreme northeast corner. The death toll had reached 17, with 550 people injured and 800 dwellings destroyed. All major structures on the Washburn University campus had suffered some damage, with some buildings being deemed a total loss. At the time, it was the most damaging tornado known to have occurred, with property loss estimated at $100 million.
  • State Reps. Josephine Younkin and Glee Jones met with the 442 young participants in Sunflower Girls' State in Templin Hall, speaking with them about the role of women in government. At the time, only two women sat in the state House of Representatives. Eva Young, secretary to Lt. Gov. Reynolds Shultz, and Donna Shultz, the lieutenant governor's wife, also spoke to the Staters. Young reminded the girls that secretarial work was "the type of career you can always go back to when the children have left home." Mrs. Shultz revealed her opinion that "most women are not geared to be the person in office.... Most women serve to get somebody else in the job." However, she did urge the participants to exercise their right to vote when they reached the age of 18.


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