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Rep. Weiner gets no sympathy from Dems

June 7, 2011


— Fellow Democrats pointedly refused to defend Rep. Anthony Weiner on Tuesday, telegraphing an unmistakable eagerness for him to resign after he admitted sending a lewd photo of himself to a woman via Twitter and lying about it.

Republicans swiftly sought political profit from the New York Democrat’s predicament, which threatened to deepen when conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart said he had a sexually explicit photo of the 46-year-old congressman.

His political career in extreme jeopardy, Weiner had no public appearances. His spokesman did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

On Monday, after days of denials, the New York lawmaker admitted he had engaged in “several inappropriate conversations conducted over Twitter, Facebook, email and occasionally on the phone with women I had met online.”

Alternately apologetic and defiant, he said he neither met nor had physical relationships with any of them, and added, “I am not resigning.”

In fact, there is little that party leaders can do to force an errant lawmaker to quit, although House Republicans have moved decisively in the past year to purge their ranks of two men who wound up in embarrassing situations.

Most Democrats maintained an uncomfortable silence about Weiner’s future, part of what several senior congressional officials described as a hope that over a few days, Weiner would reconsider his refusal to resign. If not, several noted pointedly, his district might be eliminated when lines are adjusted before the 2012 elections to account for a population shift that will cost New York two House seats.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke the silence.

“I wish there were some way that I can defend him, but I can’t,” the Nevada Democrat told reporters. Asked what he would do if Weiner called for advice, he replied he would tell him “call somebody else.”

Republicans sought political gain.

“Congressman Weiner’s actions and deception are unacceptable and he should resign,” GOP chairman Reince Priebus said in a written statement.

“We do not need an investigation to know he lied and acted inappropriately, we need a resignation,” he said, referring to a request from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for the House ethics committee to investigate the case.


gkerr 6 years, 8 months ago

David Esposito of AP news service aka Always Progressive news wire, Nice pander to benevolent Dems trying to do only good things by calling for ethics committee hearings on their man Weiner. Ignore, please the fact that no democrats called for his resignation. Detail on his behalf one picture to one woman, not the many photos, e-mails, phone calls admitted with accusations of phone sex, and the full Monte at attention to please his pitifull female libs who were fans of a very sick liberal Weiner. Of course Dastardly Republicans we are told at least twice were opposing Weiner for crass, nay brutal, partisan political motives. Of course, politicians on both sides of the isle ALWAYS act from political motives they are after all Politicians.

When are you bees of the liberal hive going to even pretend to be other than cheesy slicksters and propagandists for a failed ideology controlling the once great Democrat Party?

Before we quit kicking Herr Weiner it is no surprise that he gained his entry into politics schlepping for the now Senator Schumer, a fellow freak, and won his first elective office by writing anonymous handbills posted in all precincts which falsely accused his two equally Jewish opponents of backing Jesse Jacckson and Mayor Dinkins who were hated by the heavy majority Jewish electorate which was still fuming over the Crown Heights affair which pitted blacks against Jews and viceversa.

Weiner will not should not survive this scandal- no thanks to his fellow democrats or the late to the story main stream press who as this AP article demonstrates always cover for their buds on the left. Brietbart might just bring the corrupt mainstream down after all. We who prefer honest news reportage can only hope. Gkerr

Liberty275 6 years, 8 months ago

The only pertinent question is whether all persons were capable of and consent to the acts.

That's the standard libertarian line, and I agree.

But It would only be about 1/3 as funny and effective if his name was different. As it is. he'll end up showing Mr Tinkles to the free world via YouTube and Daniel Tosh.

Daniel, you owe me for mentioning your name.

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