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100 years ago: New law requires storekeepers to candle eggs

June 2, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 2, 1911:

  • “During the summer a candle will be kept burning brightly in every Lawrence grocery, and every egg offered for sale by local dealers will be carefully candled before it is sent to some housewife to become a component part of pudding or cake. Beginning yesterday, every merchant in the state will have to candle his eggs during the summer. The marketing of tainted or rotten eggs is prohibited by severe penalties. Dealers who fail to candle all eggs after June 1 are liable to a fine of $25. The pure food law in regard to fresh eggs is very stringent, and Dr. Crumbine intends to begin a series of prosecutions among farmers violating its provisions this summer.”
  • “With the thermometer standing at 100 in the shade beneath awnings along Massachusetts street this afternoon, and reports of a burning hot wind over the entire state, vegetation in Kansas is scorching today. Reports from along the Kaw this afternoon bring the information that potatoes are curling up like they had been scalded and unless rain brings a speedy relief from the scorching wind, the Kaw crop will be a total failure. The hot wind is sweeping over three states, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri, today. Old timers declare that they can not recall a time when a wind of equal damaging properties visited Kansas so early in the spring.”


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