Letters to the Editor

Grateful grandma

July 30, 2011


To the editor:

I am a frequent traveler on the T, along with my grandchildren. On Tuesday, four of the grandchildren (ages 2 to 9 years) and I took the late afternoon bus No. 9 westward from Clinton Parkway and Kasold Drive to McDonald’s on Wakarusa Drive. The driver politely dropped us off and we had an enjoyable two hours.

I had misread the timetable for the buses (they stop transporting at 8 p.m.) and headed, with the four grandchildren, across Sixth Street to wait for the returning 8 p.m. bus. The evening bus driver recognized my mistake as he saw us crossing the street and called his supervisor to advise him of our situation. By the time bus No. 9 had pulled to our stop, he informed us that his bus was out of service and his supervisor was coming to pick us up to return us to where my car was parked at Clinton Parkway and Kasold Drive.

We were overwhelmed with thankfulness. Before the supervisor had arrived, two people, at separate times, had come to ask if they could help me. Lawrence may be a big town, but small-town helpfulness is still alive and well. This grandma, who will be much more careful to read bus schedules in the future, and her four grandchildren publicly send their thanks to the gracious bus driver of bus 9 and his supervisor.


4accountability 6 years, 9 months ago

Bless you Grandma!!! It is so nice to hear there are good people who care and will do the right thing when someone makes an honest error. Hug those grandbabies!

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