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40 years ago: Library becomes independent of city

July 29, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 29, 1971:

  • The Lawrence Public Library was autonomous for the first time. Under Kansas law, cities with populations of 35,000 or more were to split the library board off from other functions of city government. With Lawrence's population now at 42,000, the library was on its own with a proposed 1972 budget of $206,345. However, according to city library Wayne Mayo, the library board was not happy about the change and had expressed a desire for a city ordinance to bring the library back under the control of city hall. Lawrence was one of only four Kansas cities to have an autonomous library, the others being Topeka, Hutchinson and Salina.
  • Apollo 15, traveling at 2,691 miles an hour, was currently 14,294 miles from the moon. A landing was planned for the next day. A front-page article featured an artist’s sketch of the “moon buggy” to be used by the astronauts. At $8 million, it was the most expensive car ever built. As they achieved lunar orbit a day later, commander David R. Scott reported, “Hello, Houston, the Endeavour is on station with cargo and what a fantastic sight! Oh, this is really profound! ... I hope over the next few days we can sort of get our minds organized and be a little more precise in what we are saying. I tell you this is absolutely mind-boggling up here.”


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