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Massive marijuana operation raided in southeast Kansas

July 28, 2011


— At least one crop seems to be thriving during this hot, dry Kansas summer.

Authorities in Elk County say several law enforcement agencies confiscated more than 4,000 marijuana plants at a rural growing operation Wednesday. The plants were being grown in a heavily wooded area near the southeastern Kansas town of Howard.

KSNW-TV reports authorities had been watching the area since receiving a tip last year. Along with the plants they found camping equipment, drying tables and an irrigation system.

It's at least the third big marijuana operation broken up recently in southeastern Kansas.

Earlier this month about 3,000 plants were confiscated from an operation spread over several fields in neighboring Greenwood County. And in June, authorities destroyed an estimated $100,000 worth of marijuana plants being grown in Linn County.


Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 8 months ago

Obviously, there's plenty of money to end an operation like this, but there's not enough to keep the SRS office open here in Lawrence.

I that a proper use of our limited government funds?

Maddy Griffin 6 years, 8 months ago

What happened to ending the war on drugs?

Ewok79 6 years, 8 months ago

Well I think if the goverment would just legalize it. Tax it like we do alcohol & ciggettes, we could really help the ecomomy. Not to mention stop filling our prision systems with petty lil potheads. Then maybe we wouldn't have so many illegal mexicans smuggling pot into our country. It seems like a win-win to me.

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