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100 years ago: Editorial urges attention to Humane Society

July 26, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 26, 1911:

  • “Beautiful Lawrence. Yes, beautiful; but what about the living element vibrating through it? Is it permeated by the spirit of brotherly love, and kindness to animals? We have in our midst associations designed to relieve human suffering and a Humane Society is struggling to develop thoughtful care for the dumb creatures over which God has given us dominion for GOOD, but never for evil. Cannot we endeavor to perfect our city and make it wholly beautiful through increased interest in the society mentioned?”
  • “In a few days every member of the Lawrence Military band will appear in a brand new pair of tan shoes, each pair exactly alike excepting for variation in size. This is the first time that the band has gone to the extent of buying shoes of the same sort for each member.”
  • “In attempting to dodge a pile of bricks at the corner of Massachusetts and Warren streets this noon C. L. Rutter drove his machine into the opening in the pavement from which the bricks had been taken. The front wheel struck the sharp corner of the pavement squarely and the tire was cut entirely in two, both outer and inner tubes.”


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