40 years ago: AG Vern Miller hides in car trunk, tackles suspect in course of drug raid

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 23, 1971:

In a recent news conference, Atty. Gen. Vern Miller said that more drug raids in Kansas were on the horizon. A raid in Wichita had followed on the heels of a coordinated statewide raid, and officials were expressing satisfaction with the results of the Wichita raid, during which Miller had hidden in the trunk of an undercover agent’s car in order to make an arrest. After hearing a radio signal from Miller, other officials had rushed to the scene to find him holding the suspect at gunpoint. After two arrests and the confiscation of a “half-spoon” of heroin purchased by the undercover agent, Miller then reentered the car trunk and the agents drove to a second location. Miller remained in the trunk for more than half an hour until the suspect was found. When the suspect fled from the scene, Miller followed in hot pursuit, eventually tackling the suspect after a two-block chase and sitting on him until other officers arrived.