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Probation ordered in Louisiana Street burglary case

July 18, 2011


A Douglas County judge Monday sentenced a 21-year-old man to serve two years on probation for his role in a Dec. 3 burglary at a Louisiana Street Apartment.

Peterson had pleaded no-contest to one count of attempted aggravated burglary in June. Prosecutors accused him of taking part in a foiled burglary with three other people in December in the 1100 block of Louisiana Street. Lawrence police interrupted the attempt, and Peterson, Michael Hammond, 21, and two woman, Shelby Sprauer, 21, and Kayla Kling, 20, were arrested.

Sprauer has an August trial scheduled on charges of conspiracy to commit burglary and aggravated burglary. Kling and Hammond had already entered pleas in connection with the case.

District Judge Kay Huff Monday ordered Peterson to serve one year in prison if he is found to violate his probation terms. She also ordered him to abstain from using drugs and alcohol, and he must complete 50 hours of community service. The judge said if he’s successful he could apply to shorten his probation term.

Peterson’s defense attorney Carl Folsom said Peterson spent last semester at an Illinois community college but he hopes to return to Kansas University.


Food_for_Thought 6 years, 10 months ago

It appears that his name is Michael Hammond Peterson.

Shane Garrett 6 years, 10 months ago

No drug or alcohol use. I think he does a year once he violates his probation.

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