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July 18, 2011


Keith Cameron Bryant, 37, Lawrence, and Pauline Francia Martin, 34, Lawrence.

Brian Gene Gisick, 32, Lawrence, and Jessica Lynne Clark, 26, Lawrence.

Brett Thomas Sury, 24, Charlotte, N.C., and Catherine Suzanne White, 24, Salina.

David Rollin Metsker, 28, Lawrence, and Erin Beth Miller, 23, Lawrence.

Adam Howard Dubinsky, 32, Lawrence, and Erin O’Malley Stewart, 27, Lawrence.

Mark Joseph Taylor II, 26, Lawrence, and Sara Elizabeth Natividad, 24, Lawrence.

Matthew Alan Stiles, 23, Lawrence, and Emily Kathryn Thomas, 23, Lawrence.

Cody David Babcock, 26, Lawrence, and Kylee Dawn Tibbits, 24, Lawrence.

Clayton Lloyd Wilson, 23 Lawrence, and Dominique Nicole Crain, 25, Lawrence.

Alexander Mirandy Schoemann, 30, Guilford, Conn., and Stephanie Catherine Wallio, 32, Lawrence.

Thomas Hoyt Denney, 30, Lawrence, and Rachel Marie Scherzer, 27, Overland Park.

Andrew Kent Woodworth, 21, Olathe, and Loryn Alyse Walrod, 21, Eudora.

Ralph Sherman Bauer, 63, Lawrence, and Cathy Shaffia Louise Laue, 60, Lawrence.

Adam Joel Linker, 25, Fort Worth, Texas, and Lindsay Kay O’Bryon, 26, Fort Worth, Texas.

Robert Christopher Sharp, 23, Victoria, Texas, and Alyssa Renee Wright, 23, Lawrence.

Matthew Craig Berner, 26, Mission, and Amanda Ann Stebbins, 27, Mission.

Dustin Dylan Walker, 29, Lawrence, and Kelly Ann Danaher, 29, Lawrence.


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