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KSU reports record amount of giving to university; KU officials say numbers not available yet

July 18, 2011


Kansas State University officials say the struggling economy has not hurt gifts to the school’s foundation.

The university said in a news release Monday that it received a record $107 million in contributions to the KSU Foundation in the last fiscal year. More than 44,500 alumni and others contributed during the last fiscal year.

The previous record was $99.5 million in fiscal 2008.

Of the $107 million, $67 million was in cash, real estate or appreciated securities. The other $40 million was pledges and deferred gifts, which the university will receive at a later date.

The university received four gifts of $5 million or more and nine gifts between $1 million and $5 million.

Rosita Elizalde-McCoy, senior vice president for communications and marketing at the Kansas University Endowment Association, said Monday that figures for KU hadn’t been tallied yet.

She said they would be available later this summer.


kuprof54 6 years, 4 months ago

I wrote checks to both KSU and MU. I figure its the least I can do to help rid KU of BGL and Bitter.

LHS56 6 years, 4 months ago

consumer1.....I've yet to see the KU Endowment "hide" their worth. This is a 501C3 Corporation and the records are public. If you would like, you can stop by their office and pick up an annual report. If you have questions, I'm sure staff will try to assist. And yes...they need more money!! Do you see anyone stepping up to take the place of the lack of funding from the State? Have you seem the number of top teachers KU has lost because they can't match other schools? And...have you seen the cost of enrollment? Think of a family with two children in college and the added cost. Or, the added debt to the student that they will be paying off for ten to 15 years. The KU Endowment's only purpose is to assist the University of Kansas become a better University.
So....take some time and visit the people on Constant Avenue. You just might find they have a worthwhile mission and are a dedicated staff,

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