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40 years ago: Congress considers funding bill for Haskell building

July 18, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 18, 1971:

The ultimate fate of a bill working its way through Washington, D.C., was proving important to Haskell Indian Junior College. Sacajawea Hall on the Haskell campus had been totally destroyed by fire in February, and a bill adding $240,000 to a $350,000 bill for equipment and construction of an interim building was in the works. The Senate had voted 70-0 to add the new amount, and the bill was now headed to the House-Senate Conference before returning for full House approval. In addition to Sacajawea, the bill would also fund the construction of graphic arts and electronics buildings at Haskell as well as providing $600,000 in planning funds for future construction projects.


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