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State seeks to amend charges in Great Bend teen’s death

July 16, 2011


Prosecutors are seeking to amend the charges filed against the man accused of killing a 14-year-old Great Bend girl whose burned body was found at an asphalt plant.

Adam Joseph Longoria was initially charged in Barton County District Court with capital murder, criminal sodomy, vehicle burglary and theft. The charges stem from the August 2010 death of Alicia DeBolt.

Prosecutors changed the qualifier justifying the capital murder charge to of attempted. They deleted the criminal sodomy charge and added an indecent solicitation of a child charge. The charges for vehicle burglary and theft are unchanged. In its filing, the state argued the change is one of theory, not facts.

Defense attorneys contend the amended charges sought by the state violate Longoria’s rights because the new information charges him with two different crimes than he is currently facing. In court papers filed Wednesday they are demanding a new preliminary hearing if the judge allows the amendments.

That motion and a slew of others are expected to be taken up at a motions hearing Thursday in Barton County.

Most of the other filings in the case involve the admissibility of evidence seized that prosecutors want to introduce at his trial. That includes items such as DNA samples and hair taken from the defendant as well as evidence seized from his mail, cellphone and a vehicle.


LawSW 6 years, 10 months ago

This is absolutely ridiculous! What about her rights--he gave up his rights when he murdered her in cold blood!

cmbrown 6 years, 10 months ago

i am so upset about this there is only one way his dna and hers can be mixed come on justice system lets think a little also i had the honor in organizing the pryer vigil for this beautiful young woman and she deserves better than an amended charge! ughhhhhhhhhhh

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