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Marijuana left at Goodwill drop box

July 16, 2011


There was a little extra buzz Saturday morning at the Lawrence Goodwill, 2200 W. 31st St.

A store employee found a container with a small amount of marijuana in a donation drop box at the store about 8 a.m.

The substance was mixed in with a variety of other donations, said Lawrence Police Sgt. Ted Bordman.

Bordman said he believed the marijuana was probably donated by accident.

"I don't think they did it on purpose," he said.

The marijuana was confiscated by police, and will be destroyed, he said.

A Goodwill store manager declined comment on the incident.


Kelly Johnson 6 years ago

Isn't the Goodwill store on 31st St? I thought it was a Salvation Army store on 23rd.

Shaun Hittle 6 years ago

Thanks for the catch. It's been fixed...

hawkman8950 6 years ago

unintentional or not, very generous to say the least

irvan moore 6 years ago

do they have a number to call to claim it?

ksjayhawk74 6 years ago

Yes, but it's the same number as the Douglas County Police department.

I would not suggest calling.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Umm . . honey? Have you done something with the bag of clothes I had by the back door?

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Now that's some really good will right there.

Liberty275 6 years ago

They should have sold it and fed hungry people with the money. O wait, never mind, better to see kids starving than an adult doing what he wants with his body. It's the American way. Now go drink your liver away.

yoornotmee 6 years ago

Or how about we make it legal for adults to do things with their bodies and minds but keep it illegal to drive, operate machinery, etc, while under the influence. That seems pretty common sense to me.

Liberty275 6 years ago

Red Herring. Fallacy -> /dev/null

Nobody wants people working or driving under the influence of any substance. Try sticking with the subject. DUI is and should remain against the law.

Liberty275 6 years ago

"Oh yea right. If it doesn't conform to your warped ideas it is void. "

No college boy. Introducing irrelevant arguments makes you post void.

Do you equate having a glass of wine at dinner with DWI? Are they the same thing? No? Then they would marijuana or cocaine use be the same as a DWI?

"We all know all effects of chemical usage goes away instantaneously."

The only effect that matters is intoxication and the amount of time a chemical continues to intoxicate is well studied.

"everybody really is an island unto them self."

The only bit of reality you could find, eh?

"American children are drying right and left from starvation."

Children are going hungry. Few are dying from hunger, but thousands have died for no reason other that the stupid war on drugs which is just another form of prohibition that is a classic overstepping of federal authority and a violation of state's rights.

You come up with a good reason for marijuana being illegal with a premise that isn't hypocritical or already punishable by law and you will have a good point. You haven't made one yet.

TheOriginalCA 6 years ago

Yet again, more green sh*t in Lawrence this week...

trailertrash 6 years ago

What would it take to get the job to "destroy" the confiscated marijuana? I could think of more than one way to do it. Would never become a boring job. Is that why the cops hang out at the donut shops?

Jstanobservation 6 years ago

It's ok,I am sure they will burn it.

BruceWayne 6 years ago

maybe someone just couldn't wait to shove money into the Core-less money meters coming soon to a downtown corner near you.

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

Good Grief, what if it landed in the wrong hands. I know what this drug can do, I saw reefer madness in the 60s. Golly, what if women ripped open shirts and well, you know. Showed private parts even stuff under the bra. The horror. Women running around without shirts and bras. Oh my! Enough enough, make the stuff illegal.

I bet there were pipes and other paranormal things around the area.

sunflowerkid35 6 years ago

The real miracle is that it also gets you stoned.

Liberty275 6 years ago

Fear monger... unless the girls are like, in a sorority, ya know.

deec 6 years ago

I knew some guys in the '70's who were from a family with 9 kids. A couple of the brothers got caught by the parents with a half lb.or so. The parents burned it in the fireplace slowly, lecturing the entire time. Most of the rest of the siblings were on the roof the whole time. And the ones who got caught knew it.

Liberty275 6 years ago

That's hilarious. "Dude, don't bogart the chimney, man".

agrabass 6 years ago

Can you get a receipt for your taxes from a donation that may not have a tax stamp?

docancan 6 years ago

could this possibly have been one of their stoner employees getting busted by accident and blaming it on some one else for "accidentally" donating the marijuana lol... someone has a funny story to tell their friends

deec 6 years ago

Possible but doubtful. I worked at a thrift store in KCK and all kinds of stuff got left in pockets of donations-credit cards, cash, fine jewelry, etc.

Ramones 6 years ago

"I don't think they did it on purpose," Ya think?

greenworld 6 years ago

The true definition of Good Will.

blindrabbit 6 years ago

Must have some really old stuff, probably leftover from the 1960's-70's when all the present downtown building owners were snapping up cheap properties with their Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers profits; just waiting for the "coke" to be likewise forfeited!

beatrice 6 years ago

Friends don't let their friends donate when high.

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