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Mercury spill investigated at K-State fraternity house

July 11, 2011


— Residents of a Kansas State fraternity are living elsewhere while officials investigate a mercury spill.

The university says the spill occurred two weeks ago at the Beta Sigma Psi house, an off-campus fraternity house. Officials weren't called until Sunday.

Officials from Manhattan, the state and the Environmental Protection Agency went to the house Sunday after a resident called to ask about cleaning up the spill, which occurred when fraternity members were moving items in storage.

The 20 residents of the house have been relocated to other residence halls. The students included some nonfraternity members who are part of a science research program.

The students have been screened for possible mercury exposure.

KMAN reports that the EPA says the building will be unoccupied for at least two weeks.


Liberty275 6 years, 10 months ago

They aren't going to search our house every time one of those silly CFLs break, are they?

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