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Infrared photo shoot postponed again

July 11, 2011


Douglas County officials have postponed the infrared survey mission photo flight until at least Friday because of rain in the forecast.

Criteria for the mission include sunny skies and no rain for at least 24 hours. The next possible time window for the flight begins on Friday, according to county officials. The flight has been rescheduled several times because of weather issues.

As part of the mission, a helicopter will fly over several county buildings and allow the county to survey the conditions of the roofs.

The following buildings will be surveyed:

• Judicial and Law Enforcement Center, 111 E. 11th St.

• Douglas County Jail, 3601 E. 25th St.

• Douglas County Fairgrounds, Building 21, 2120 Harper St.

• Douglas County Youth Services, 330 Industrial Lane.


gudpoynt 6 years, 11 months ago

Yes. It is the range of frequencies in the light spectrum emitted by people named Fred.

Today's InfraFred cameras can detect Freds from up to 25 miles.

Joseph Jarvis 6 years, 11 months ago

@taucetiman said "InfraFRED?"

Yeah. Check out this rooftop from the last flyover. o.O

Shaun Hittle 6 years, 11 months ago

Alright, we've all had our fun now.

Got it switched up. But enjoyed the comments when I clicked on it.

Shaun Hittle LJW

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