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Officials remain mum on progress of investigation into serial rapist

July 8, 2011


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Serial rapist in Lawrence

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Locations and other demographic information about the possible area serial rapist. Information compiled from police and past media reports.

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Serial rapist in Manhattan

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Locations and other demographic information about the possible area serial rapist. Information compiled from police and past media reports.

Suspect description

  • White male
  • Height between 5-foot-9 and 6-foot
  • 25-40 years of age
  • Slim build
  • Usually armed with a weapon and wears some sort of garment to cover his face.
  • Suspect is possibly conducting some sort of surveillance before each attack.

Source: Kansas Attorney General's Office

Despite repeated requests from the Journal-World, the Kansas Attorney General’s Office continues to release few details about a possible serial rapist in Lawrence and Manhattan.

Authorities have linked up to 14 rapes occurring in both cities since 2000 to the same suspect. The last known connected assault occurred in Lawrence in November 2008.

The Journal-World has requested interviews with both former Attorney General Steve Six and current Attorney General Derek Schmidt, but those requests have been denied.

Jeff Wagaman, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, said the agency does not comment on active investigations.

In an email statement, Wagaman said, “The investigation remains open and law enforcement will follow up on all leads. Residents should remain cautious, take all necessary safety precautions, and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.”

A request for basic details about each of the 14 assaults — such as time of offense, whether a weapon was used and location — was also denied by the Attorney General’s Office. Some of that information was provided by police when the crimes were reported, but in other cases, limited details were given.

Police have said based on the pattern of the crimes they believe one suspect is responsible for the assaults.

Wagaman said 1,100 investigation hours — between Riley County, Lawrence and Attorney General staff — have been logged in the investigation so far.

Additional information about the cases

  • Sometimes a knife or gun is used during the attacks.
  • At least the first five crimes in Manhattan occurred in second-floor apartments.
  • Victims’ ages ranged from late teens to late 20s.
  • Some victims were college students.
  • First three crimes occurred at the same apartment complex in Manhattan.
  • All crimes occurred during some sort of college break.
  • All of the crimes — except for one — occurred between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.
  • One incident involved two victims.
  • In at least one case, the victim was blindfolded during the attack.
  • No information has been provided by police about any forensic evidence left at the crime scenes.


Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 10 months ago

I certainly hope that every single woman who is assaulted this way immediately reports the incident to the police and complies with their instructions.

Just one woman who fails to do so might result in allowing the offender to get away with this!

mommy_n_me 6 years, 10 months ago

I pray for the woman who have already been effected by this man.... also, just a wonder/concern........The time period since the last attack, is it possible he has moved out of the manhatten/lawrence area into a new area to avoid connection of crimes?? Or maybe started school at a new location or graduated?? FYI: Just a wonder I have, I have NO evidence.....

couldBmeorU 6 years, 10 months ago

I wish we had Oklahoma's Law " Make My Day "MF.Sorry, I keep a weapon it may be a Butter Knife It May Be A Gun.I have kids and would not hesitate to protect them.Our Kansas laws would see fit to constrict this instinctive right.This human/monster will not stop until he is stopped.My heart goes out to All his victims. Peace and Love to you all.

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