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Lawrence man, 30, arrested after grandmother reports two boys physically abused

July 8, 2011, 12:46 p.m. Updated July 8, 2011, 3:47 p.m.


Stanley Burleson

Stanley Burleson

Douglas County prosecutors filed four child abuse charges against a 30-year-old Lawrence man Friday after he was accused of abusing two boys, ages 14 and 12, on Wednesday.

Sgt. Matt Sarna, a Lawrence police spokesman, said the boys’ grandmother called police Thursday and alleged the man, Stanley E. Burleson, physically abused and threatened them in a residence in south-central Lawrence one day earlier. According to court records, prosecutors accuse Burleson of “cruelly beating” the two boys.

The boys suffered injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening and were taken into protective custody, Sarna said. Officers interviewed the male suspect, who is the boyfriend of the boys’ mother, and arrested him early Friday.

Police also arrested the boys’ mother Friday evening on child abuse charges, according to jail records.

During Burleson’s first appearance Friday afternoon, Chief District Judge Robert Fairchild set bond at $30,000, cash or surety, and ordered him to have no contact with the boys or other non-law enforcement witnesses if he gets out of jail.


Paula Kissinger 5 years ago

Sgt. Matt Sarna, a Lawrence police spokesman, said the boys’ grandmother called police Thursday and alleged the man physically abused and threatened them in a resident in south-central Lawrence one day earlier.


Crystal Patterson 5 years ago

I'm confused as to why this article has the mugshot as well as the name of the person while so many other articles state that LJWorld does not print names unless convicted...does the Lawrence Journal World just pick and choose who to identify?

kernal 5 years ago

Crystal, that is LJW's policy for sexual abuse charges.

creaz 5 years ago

Thank goodness for GRANDMOTHER'S one and for her exhibiting concern and empathy for her grandchildren for sure but WHERE IS THIS Mother ? Yeah, and to "stanley" you are not manly you are a coward loser GET YOUR SELF SOME SERIOUS HELP HOPE YOU STAY LOCKED UP TIGHT .

Susan Lee 5 years ago

Thank God for this Grandma....and all the other Grandmas who step up and care for and protect their grandchildren when mama is BLINDED BY LOVE, or whatever.

(Maybe mama was working, or out of town and didn't know about the abuse. I do apologize if this was the case)

tomatogrower 5 years ago

Good job, grandma. In the future, the SRS workers are going to take a lot longer to get there and take custody though.

anonymous222 5 years ago

first of all, he is the only father those two boys have ever known in their entire lives. He is still labeled as a "boyfriend" because they are not married. LJW forgot to mention that they have been together for more than 10 years. Also, people should pay attention to the statement the boys suffered from "non-life threatening" physical abuse...which translates to getting a spanking for being defiant. For those of you who are quick to judge, ask yourselves what if that person could have been don't want society to be pointing fingers and judging you for how little information is being said about you, now would you?

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