100 years ago: Railroad plans poisonous fate for grasshoppers

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 7, 1911:

“The ravages of grasshoppers in Western Kansas have become so serious that the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad has announced that it will kill all grasshoppers along its right of way and is urging farmers to help in the work. A poison is being spread over the grass and other vegetation along its right of way. The poison preparation is one hundred pounds of bran, four pounds of Paris green or white arsenic, three pounds of salt, and four pounds of molasses with sufficient water to moisten the mixture. The grasshoppers are said to eat the preparation readily and it causes death in a few minutes.”

“William James appeared in police court this morning to answer the charge of disturbing the peace. He plead guilty and paid a fine of $10.50. It is alleged that James rebuked a lady friend with a slap on the face.”

“Some one last night set a ladder up against the porch at 530 Ohio street and attempted to make an entrance to the house but was frightened away by screams from within before his purpose was accomplished. The man left his ladder standing against the porch and made his escape. This morning it was found that the ladder did not belong at this place but was one that the man had brought with him.”