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Lawrence man reports $1,027 worth of items stolen in vehicle burglary

July 6, 2011


A 22-year-old Lawrence man reported $1,027 worth of items including two pair of sunglasses and cash were stolen from his vehicle in a burglary that occurred between midnight and 11 a.m. June 27 in the 3200 block of Cardinal Drive.


57chevy 6 years, 9 months ago

Car burglaries in Lawrence are like death and taxes-ubiquitous. Get used to it. Hard to believe its news. Given that the police are more interested in fending off terroorist attacks than protecting personal property, its not likely to get better anytime soon. The good news: You can move to Eudora where they catch criminals (see the other crime article in today's paper). If you want a force that fights crime rather than is preparing for an armed assault on Kansas, go to the city council meeting that will hear testimony on the police budget. Tell them you want one stealthy cop on a bike instead of an armored car. I bet Topeka would lend us their armoered car if we needed one.

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