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100 years ago: Editorial scolds Lawrence residents for poor park attendance

July 5, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 5, 1911:

  • “‘It was the quietest Fourth I have ever known in Lawrence.’ That is the way a local police officer expressed it this morning. There was not a single arrest made all day. While ‘Young America’ was out in full force with his pockets full of firecrackers and dynamite caps, there was a very noticeable tendency to be careful and avoid the accidents that have characterized the day in previous years.”
  • “For some reason the people of Lawrence are not patronizing the park. The crowd was large yesterday, but fewer people rode to the park than rode the year before. The street car company has gone to great expense to make the park attractive.... Why do people not go to Woodland park? There is no answer to this. They just do not go. The park is cool and delightful and the management has done everything possible to make it attractive and pleasant. This park has not cost anyone in the city a cent. It is open to the public and the people are invited to go.”
  • “While Topeka, Kansas City, Iola, Emporia, St. Marys and several other cities in the hot wave belt have been and are experiencing an ice scarcity and people suffering as a result, Lawrence has been kept well supplied and the local ice company has met the demand entirely. Every order has been filled and unless conditions continue to get worse there need be no uneasiness felt by Lawrence people because of an ice famine.”


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