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Club news for July 2, 2011

July 2, 2011


The University Bridge Club announces results of its June 25 meeting with hosts Doug and Sue Baur.

Blue winners: John Stark, first; Walt Hicks, second; Roz Zimmerer, third; Paul Jordan, fourth; and Steven Bogler, fifth.

Pink winners: Cathy Stephens, first; Cora Kuepker, second; Lois Liebert, third; Willi Stark, fourth; and Rhetta Jo Noever, fifth.

The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 22 was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Vince Nordberg and Steven Vossler, first in A; Jan O’Connor and Bobby Patton, second in A, and first in B and C; Mary Fenlon and Lester Dalton tied in third in A with Carol Ball and Chris Lane; Ball and Lane were also second in B; Klee Zaricky and John Oxley, fifth in A; and Betty Collier and Adelaide Nyquist, third in B and second in C.

East-West winners were Hailong Dao and Craig Huneke, first in A, B and C; Shirley Reese and Lois Clark, second in A and B; Catherine Blumenfeld and Grant Sutton, third in A; Virginia Seaver and Jerry Sloan, fourth in A; and Eldon Herd and Shari Krentzel, fifth in A.

The Thursday Morning Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club’s game of June 23 was directed by Chris Lane. Winners were Adelaide Nyquist and Chris Lane, first; Rich Bryan and Jean Khatib, second; Barbara McCorkle and Doris Sindt, third; and Paul Jordan and Barbara Haverty, fourth.

The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on June 24 was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Janice Hollowell and Jolene Andersen, first in A and B; Virginia Seaver and James Gunn, second in A; Charles Hedges and Adelaide Nyquist, third in A and second in B; Barbara Haverty and Barbara McCorkle, fourth in A, third in B and first in C; and Dave Chipman and Nathan Roser, fourth in B.


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