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100 years ago: Lawrence dog recognizes master’s voice on telephone

January 29, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily World for Jan. 29, 1911:

  • “‘Shep’ is the name of an unusually intelligent full-blooded shepherd dog belonging to Louis Rocklund. ‘Shep’ has a habit of listening to the telephone when he hears ‘his master’s voice’ at the other end. He seems to understand about everything that is said to him and will do as he is bidden. He is a small dog and is well-known to many persons in town and has several favorite loafing places where he is well treated. Rocklund will call up on the telephone, find out where ‘Shep’ is and tell him to come home. The dog never fails to answer the summons. He will run errands as well as most small boys and is more dependable. His most responsible task is to guard the cash register in his master’s place of business. This position of responsibility he fills with the utmost credit to himself, never permitting a stranger to pass behind the counter.”
  • “The Jayhawkers tied the proverbial knot in the Tigers’ tail last night by defeating the Missouri five 34 to 28 in the initial basket ball tangle of the season. The first half of the contest was marked by little scoring. The visitors returned with exceptional form in the second half and quickly annexed fifteen points, which threatened to give them a safe lead over the Jayhawkers. In the latter stages of the game the two teams were neck to neck. It was at this point that the enthusiastic spectators were threatened with apoplexy, as the fives alternately shot spectacular baskets.”


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