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100 years ago: Child labor law proposed in Topeka

January 27, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily World for Jan. 27, 1911:

  • “TOPEKA - A bill was introduced in the house today to prohibit labor of all kinds by children under 16 years of age excepting singing in churches, schools, or theatres, providing the mayor’s consent is obtained. The bill included a provision to prohibit moving pictures of immoral nature.”
  • “Are lawyers honest? Sure they are. Frank P. Walsh, who is one himself and ought to know, says they are. Attorney Walsh addressed the men of the university in Myers hall last evening under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. He asserted that a lawyer should inherently love conflict, argument, and discord if he wished to attain eminence in his profession. Courtroom battles were as wildly exciting as any football game every played, and required discrimination, poise, and a close knowledge of the points in hand.”
  • “According to an address delivered before the Engineering Society at Topeka, Lawrence is the best paved city for its size in Kansas. It has twice the pavement of any other town of corresponding population.”


SimiensRainbow 5 years ago

Prohibit child labor? Can you imagine the screeds that came from Fox Radio in 1911 denouncing the socialist, anti-business Kansas legislature? I'm sure glad Kansas learned from its mistake...

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