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Statehouse Live: Livestock group opposes Brownback move to merge animal health department

January 17, 2011


— A proposal by Gov. Sam Brownback to merge the Kansas Animal Health Department into another agency has drawn the opposition of the Kansas Livestock Association.

"The current structure of the Kansas Animal Health Department has fostered stability, regulatory certainty and direct accountability to our state's livestock producers for over 90 years," said KLA President Ken Grecian.

The animal health department's mission is to control the spread of infectious diseases that affect livestock and domestic animals.

As a cost-cutting move, Brownback has proposed eliminating or merging eight state agencies. Under his plan, the animal health department would be placed within the Kansas Department of Agriculture, which is led by a Cabinet secretary appointed by the governor. The board that governs the animal health department would become advisory.

"How can we be assured political appointees in the future will serve our industry as well as the current structure?," Grecian asked.

Brownback has said the proposed move would save $192,083 in state funding by reducing the number of positions and through other efficiencies.


Brock Masters 7 years, 2 months ago

Ah, a test for Governor Brownback. Will he show fortitude and resolve or will he cave to the special interest group? Will he stand by his convictions of reducing the size of government or will he retreat?

OldSoldier 7 years, 2 months ago

Brownback's so called "efficiencies" are not. His comments just sounded good on TV for the viewers who know little about state government. With the huge cutbacks in state jobs already in some larger state agencies, certain the state is out of compliance with performance measures. When this starts to affect the voting public, Brownback's lofty hot air won't sound nearly so good. How about an efficiency to shrink the time the Legislature is in session? Like down to 45 days. Give them less time to do their business so they really get down to business from the beginning. That would save some bucks.

Brock Masters 7 years, 2 months ago

I think it is too early to say if Brownback's effeciencies are successful or not. He has laid out an aggressive plan for shrinking state government and increasing effeciencies to better serve the people of Kansas and improve the economy of the state.

Give him a chance. I am and I am watching to see if fulfills his promises or if he backs down in the face of this opposition from the beef people. I hope he stands his ground against them.

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