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40 years ago: Most daily newspapers still only ten cents a copy

January 16, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 16, 1971:

  • At Wichita State University, enrollment fees, residence hall contracts, and other student expenditures could now be put on Bank Americard or Master Charge credit cards. Roger Lowe, the university’s business manager, said that in the current economy, “every university [would] have to come around to the idea in time.”
  • The Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission was close to admitting defeat in their plans to transplant antelope to the Flint Hills region near Strong City. A herd of about 30 antelope had been moved as far as Sharon Springs when the antelope had broken away and “scattered to the four winds.” The latest count at that time showed that Kansas had about 400 antelope, which were ranging no further east than Barber County.
  • The American Newspaper Publishers Association reported that most U.S. newspapers were still only charging ten cents for a daily paper. Over 120 newspapers had increased their daily price to 15 cents during 1970, but an overwhelming 1,606 (including the Lawrence paper) were still only charging a dime. Additionally, there were still 51 dailies that were still charging only a nickel or less per copy.


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