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40 years ago: Old Watkins Bank building likely to be saved from destruction

January 14, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 14, 1971:

  • The fate of the old Watkins Bank building at Eleventh and Massachusetts, which recently had been vacated by the City Hall staff when they had moved to Ninth and Mass, was looking more favorable. It was possible that the building would be preserved as a memorial to the late Elizabeth Watkins. Each of the nine residual beneficiaries had indicated that they would sign a waiver allowing the building to be owned and operated by a local non-profit organization. The general plan at the time was to make it available for use as a public museum, as well as to provide office space for recognized non-profit groups. Without such public use, the building would probably have been torn down and the lot used for some commercial purpose.
  • In Washington, the FDA was recalling 116,700 tins of ground black pepper from the wholesale market because of bacterial contamination. The small amount of bacteria was not deemed to be an immediate danger, as pepper did not provide a suitable environment for its growth. However, it was possible that if the spice were used in a dish that was then allowed to sit at room temperature for a time, the bacteria would multiply to a dangerous level.


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