Sam Brownback spent $2.68 million on Kansas governor’s campaign — four times the $660,000 spent by Tom Holland

? New finance reports show Republican Gov. Sam Brownback spent $2.68 million on his successful campaign last year. That’s about four times the $660,000 spent by the Democratic nominee, state Sen. Tom Holland.

Brownback and Holland’s campaigns were required to file reports by Monday with the secretary of state’s office. The reports covered fundraising and spending from Oct. 22 through the end of December.

The reporting period included the final days before November’s general election. Brownback spent about $401,000 during that final push, compared to only $92,000 spent by Holland.

The candidates have previously filed reports covering the rest of the campaign, where Brownback also outspent Holland by a wide margin.

Brownback received 63 percent of the vote.