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Town Talk: Five-story building proposed for 800 block of Vermont; project in 1000 block of Vermont also moving forward; Poehler Building considered for redevelopment

January 6, 2011


News and notes from around town.

• A new five-story building is being considered for the city-owned parking lot on the east side of Vermont Street between Eighth and Ninth streets. And the development group is using the carrot of a possible downtown grocery store in hopes of persuading the city to give up the 159-space lot.

Lawrence architect Paul Werner has pitched a concept to City Hall leaders for a multi-use building that would have anywhere from 48 to 86 apartments, and 12,000 to 44,400 square feet of office space. The building would also have 15,000 square feet of retail space that Werner has said would work well for a grocery store. But from preliminary documents, it doesn’t appear there is any firm commitment yet from a grocery store to be part of the project. If a grocery were unable to be found for the space, the proposal also mentions the possibility of a drug store or some other retail use other than a restaurant. The five-story building would include a sixth floor below ground that would be dedicated to parking. Werner has indicated that there would be at least 159 public parking spaces available for use, which is the same number that exists in the lot today. The proposal also calls for at least another 200 parking spaces — spread out over two other levels — that would be reserved for the apartment and office uses.

Werner is seeking feedback from city commissioners about whether they have any interest in allowing the parking lot to be redeveloped. City Hall leaders said they have told Werner there likely would be no public money available to finance any portion of the project, but that tax increment financing may be available — especially if a grocery store were involved in the development and if more than 159 public parking spaces could be included in the project.

Information provided by the city didn’t make it clear whether Werner was working for a specific development group on the project. Werner often has been the architect of choice for Thomas Fritzel and other members of Lawrence-based Gene Fritzel Construction.

City commissioners will provide feedback on the project at their Tuesday evening meeting. Check back later for more details on the project.

• Commissioners also will hear a proposal from Lawrence-based Treanor Architects regarding a previously announced project to redevelop the former Strong’s Office Supply building at 1040 Vt. in the new headquarters for Treanor. Parking also will be a major issue for commissioners to consider on that project. Treanor officials are asking the city to allow longer term parking in the existing two-hour city parking lot. Treanor anticipates the new building — which would house about 70 employees — would need 50 long-term parking spaces in the lot. Treanor is proposing that long-term parkers would have to buy annual parking permits from the city. Currently, those permits cost $195 per year per space. Treanor officials are asking the city to fix that price for a period of 10 years for the project.

The project also plans to seek use of the Neighborhood Revitalization Act, which would allow a portion of the project to receive property tax rebates. Commissioners also will discuss this project Tuesday night. Check back later for more details.

• In the third of a trifecta of development proposals, city commissioners also will hear a proposal to redevelop the Poehler Building at 619 E. Eighth St. A group led by Krsnich Investment Group hopes to convert the multi-story former warehouse building into 40 apartments. The developers are not yet seeking any specific approvals from the City Commission, but are asking whether the city would support an application for a historic tax credit for the project.


riverdrifter 4 years ago

When I go downtown I depend on that parking lot - a lot. Where the hell is anybody going to park? Take it away and I'm done with downtown.

pizzapete 4 years ago

I was thinking the same thing. They need to be adding space to the parking situation downtown not taking from it.

Bridgett Wagner 4 years ago

Do you people read? They would replace the parking underground. I'm all for it, especially if we could get a grocery downtown.

pizzapete 4 years ago

Yea,...Treanor anticipates the new building — which would house about 70 employees — would need 50 long-term parking spaces in the lot. Treanor is proposing that long-term parkers would have to buy annual parking permits from the city

Keith 4 years ago

I sure hope the deal for the Pohler building works out, that's too nice a building to just sit there and rot.

das 4 years ago

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jafs 4 years ago

Here's my thought:

If any parking lots are sold to developers, they have to provide the same number of spaces, plus as many as are necessary for tenants, etc. of the new development.

No tax incentives should be used.

alfie 4 years ago

The five-story building would include a sixth floor below ground that would be dedicated to parking. Werner has indicated that there would be at least 159 public parking spaces available for use, which is the same number that exists in the lot today.

hail2oldku 4 years ago

What about the farmer's market? I thought it was kicking tail at that location.

anonymous88 4 years ago

Did any of you bother to read the article? They are not talking about removing public parking spaces... "Werner has indicated that there would be at least 159 public parking spaces available for use, which is the same number that exists in the lot today."

jafs 4 years ago


But if the project brings many more people living in downtown, then the need for parking will increase proportionally.

So he should have to provide the number that exists, plus as many as are needed to provide for the new need.

Jimo 4 years ago

Sorry but the 200 spaces are reserved for residential and office users. If the construction is also bringing in retail then there's going to be a net loss of parking spaces if this project doesn't add more than 159 public spaces (in exact proportion to the number of new retail shoppers).

In fact, a grocery store will require both an abundance of available spaces (people are a bit willing to hunt for a parking space for a specialty retailer but have zero tolerance for a grocery store) as well as space for deliveries (a semi maneuvering at 9th & Vermont?!). I wouldn't hold my breath for a grocery store (worthy of the name) at this site given these constraints. A 7/11 perhaps but nothing that will concern Dillons.

pizzapete 4 years ago

Thanks Jimo, someone is reading and thinking...

dwntwn 4 years ago

Anybody know the minimum number of parking spaces that would be required if a 15,000 sq ft building would be built outside of downtown? That number would be the minimum amount of additional public spaces above the already existing 159 needed to make this project even remotely worth considering.

pizzapete 4 years ago

dwntwn, there is a 15,000 sq ft retail being proposed in Eudora with 80 parking spaces being allocated.

mapboy 4 years ago

The farmer's market is held in the parking lot between 9th and 10th, a block south.

BigAl 4 years ago

Build it. This is called progress and will bring more people to downtown Lawrence. This is a win/win situation. I don't see a downside to this. A lot of people will get work out of this construction from the craftsmen to the suppliers. All public parking spaces will be restored.

jafs 4 years ago

If a lot more people are brought to downtown, then parking spaces need to be increased, not simply replaced in the same number.

Otherwise, we'll have even more of a parking problem.

jafs 4 years ago

Ok ok.

I re-read it and you're right.

Don't have a heart attack, please.

jafs 4 years ago


I generally read pretty well - must be a momentary lapse :-)

Laura Wilson 4 years ago There's no parking lot on the east side of NH between 9th and 10th. The lot this article is talking about is the one used by the market, the one next to Pachamamas.

Laura Wilson 4 years ago

Well, this was supposed to be a reply to mapboy's comment. sigh

anonymous88 4 years ago

The lot this article is talking about is "east side of Vermont Street between Eighth and Ninth streets". There is no Farmer's Market in this lot...ever!

hail2oldku 4 years ago

lady, mapboy and I were all incorrect. I was thinking of New Hampshire not Vermont street for the farmer's market.

I do see this lot in particular as one that already sees a lot of use and would hate to see it taken away, even if for just a period of construction. I'd also be interested to see how they will enforce the tenants parking in the spaces reserved for them and not in the 150 spaces intended to replace the existing spaces.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Poehler Lofts

The Poehler Lofts is the proposed redevelopment of the Poehler Building located at 619 E. 8th Street, in Lawrence, KS. Its current condition is vacant, dilapidated and continues to deteriorate. It has become home to vagrants and recently survived a fire, which could have taken the timber structure to the ground. It is located just blocks East of Massachusetts Street and is one of the last endangered historical buildings the City. This initial $7 million improvement will remove a major piece of blight and will trigger the redevelopment of an entire city block. Plans for the following phases are underway.

The Poehler is the largest building in the East Lawrence Industrial Historical District and was home to the Poehler Mercantile Company Wholesale Grocery. The 50,000 square foot four- story brick building is distinguished by five vertical bays anchored with large arched windows on the lower floor’s primary façade (North). The second through fourth stories have single rectangular window openings with segmental arches composed with three courses of brick. This specialized brickwork is consistent with the architecture of the time. The building was officially listed on the National Registry of Historical Places on December 11, 2007.
The redevelopment of the Poehler Building will be focused on preserving the historical characteristics of the building and the project will utilize historical tax credits to make the project financially feasible.

There will be approximately 40 apartments in the restored building and will have a private secured parking lot designated for tenants and guests. We anticipate 36 one bedroom units starting at $500 per month and 4 two bedroom units starting at $600. The project is located in a prime rental area and would serve as a great multifamily or senior apartment complex. There is additional square footage, which could be used for a small commercial/retail component.

The team selected for the redevelopment has over 100 years of combined redevelopment experience and is highly regarded in each of their fields. Krsnich Investment Group (Developer), Rosemann and Associates (Architect), Rau Construction (General Contractor), and Rosin Preservation (Historic Consultant) are very excited about the project and believe we will have a successful and award winning development with the revival of the Poehler Lofts.

Where is the market? Is there a market?

I think it could be excellent use of the building so long as property taxes get paid.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

The city should not give away the parking lot to anyone. WE taxpayers want some money up front.

Lawrence is loading up downtown with lofts and residential. Who is going to live in these places? Where will the tenants come from? How much will this cost the taxpayers?

Lawrence is high dollar rent. What about that large vacant residential new apartment complex on west 15th that was going to house senior citizens?

The conventional residential market has gone sour so now we will further flood the rental market. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

What good does it do to flood markets? How does impact we taxpayers?

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Another matter to keep a close eye is more multiple family developments in the neighborhoods. Developers only want to provide one half a parking space per bedroom. How can that be?

In this town 2 car spaces per bedroom is more practical otherwise parking falls out into the streets. Then there is no parking for those who have been in the neighborhoods for years. Taxpayers complain about this 24/7 it seems.

Do you know anyone who drives a half car? Only one half parking space per bedroom is a bit odd it seems.

If developers cannot make enough money providing sensible parking why are they in the business? Don't build on the backs of surrounding residential units.

anonymous88 4 years ago

Can you please let us know where the information regarding "one half a parking space per bedroom" came from?

flyin_squirrel 4 years ago

Merrill, 1/2 parking space per bedroom doesn't apply to your argument. Quit trying to provide only half the facts...

ksjayhawk74 4 years ago

This is great. I see Vermont & New Hampshire St looking like Mass St. in a few short years.

There is sooooooo much room for development in the Downtown area with new types of businesses.

I want to see more fast food options.

jafs 4 years ago

That would be rather unfortunate, in my view.

Parking, driving and walking would then be as congested there as it is on Mass st.

Zachary Stoltenberg 4 years ago

and now we all know why they wanted us to build them a parking garage at 8th and vermont...

kernal 4 years ago

City commissioners, please leave the parking lot on the east side of Vermont, between Eight and Ninth streets alone. Part of the charm of those business which face Mass and Vermont is the back facades as well as the front facades. You don't need to make EveryThing into a concrete cube.

Seems to me a better location would be closer to Eleventh and Vermont which would also help with KU football game parking. The Farmers Market might have to move their location for the one day they are at the lot north of Cap Fed, but a place can be found for them I'm sure. They don't have as many vendors on Tuesday as the Saturday and Thursday locations do. Yes, I went to all three last summer.

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