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100 years ago today: Trolley to connect Kansas City, Lawrence

January 5, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily World for Jan. 5, 1911:

  • “Lawrence was again given a trolley connection with Kansas City today through a report from Kansas City that the Strang electric line running from Kansas City to Olathe is to be connected with the Heim line of southern Kansas. The extension, Mr. Strang says, will reach Ottawa and Lawrence by way of Baldwin.”
  • “High school pupils are smaller than they were fifteen years ago. For proof for that, E. D. Phillips, principal of the Kansas City Manual Training High School, points to the work now being done by carpenters at the high school building. The tables and chairs in the drawing room which accommodated perfectly the pupils of thirteen years ago are now too high for the freshmen. The carpenters are shortening the legs of the tables and chairs.”
  • “If the price of coffee keeps on going up as rapidly as it has in the past four weeks it will be a very expensive luxury this winter. The price of the lower brands have, by a series of jumps, advanced from 5 to 8 cents per pound. It is the failure of the coffee crop in Brazil which is causing the rise in the lower brands.”


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