Coalition to fight photo-voter ID proposal

? A coalition of voting rights groups has formed to oppose an effort led by Secretary of State-elect Kris Kobach to require voters show a photo ID to vote.

The Kansas Voter Coalition said on Monday that the proposal by Kobach, a Republican who takes office Jan. 10, is “a solution to a problem whose existence cannot be demonstrated empirically.” Gov.-elect Sam Brownback also supports voter ID.

The coalition said that of 10 million votes cast in Kansas over the past six years, there have been six reported cases of alleged voter fraud, and one was prosecuted successfully.

“You statistically have a better chance of being stricken twice by lightning than of encountering a genuine act of voter fraud in Kansas,” the coalition stated.

The coalition includes the Kansas State NAACP, the Kansas League of Women Voters, the Kansas chapter of the National Organization for Women, the Kansas Equality Coalition, the Kansas chapter of the ACLU and several other groups.