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Add lace to your 2011 wardrobe

January 3, 2011


The beginning of the year or the turn of the season always means one thing for me — time for change. Now I realize we can’t bust out our finest spring frocks while there is still snow on the ground, but we can prep our wardrobes; reorganize your closets, pack away outdated clothing and slowly upgrade, picking up pieces here and there to fill-in any gaps in your apparel. Read on for some advice on what to expect in 2011.


Sheer clothing has been a fashion trend for a few seasons; however, in the year 2011, the sheer trend is taken to a different level. Hang on to your current sheer wardrobe items and use them together to create interesting layered looks and unique shapes. Then, watch out as spring rolls around, when sheer clothing will become longer and looser, a particularly trendy fabric used for maxi dresses.


Lace is another roll-over fashion trend for 2011. It is still strongly popular in both street style and on the runway, so don’t give away your lace clothing and accessories just yet. Do attempt to wear your lace in a unique fashion by picking out different, less popular colors and layering it beneath other wardrobe pieces to utilize its texture in a subtle fashion. Also, avoid stretchy lace and instead look for delicately crafted, wider-net, antique lace. Antique lace is not only more individual and one-of-a-kind, but it is also much sturdier, less apt to snags and runs.

Bell bottoms/Flared jeans:

Along with other 1970s-inspired fashions, bell bottoms and flared jeans are back in style. This does not mean I am advocating you to toss out all of your skinny, cigarette-style jeans! It does mean that the world of pants has become a whole lot bigger again, and your eyes may be reopened to the many versatile shapes of jeans and trousers (yay!). To stay current, pay particular attention to the fit and details of newer flared jeans and bell bottoms. Look for a large bottom opening around the foot. Also, look for a style that is cut loose around the knee versus a style that is super-slim through the thigh with an exaggerated flare beginning at the knee. This will ensure your bell bottoms and flared jeans are modern in style.

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Okay, so no offense to the author of this story, but... Where does this information even come from, and who cares about it?

mackenziers 7 years, 2 months ago

Caitlin, I enjoyed the post but I think photos would really help. Also, a little bit of legwork goes a long way. Next time can you suggest, locally, where one could find such items?

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