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40 years ago: Icy streets problematic for Lawrence drivers

February 27, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 27, 1971:

  • Several hilly Lawrence streets were blockaded overnight to prevent traffic from slipping on the ice which had rapidly formed after dark. Icy streets also contributed to the majority of the 16 vehicular accidents that had taken place. The recent snowstorm was estimated to have cost Douglas County taxpayers about $3,800, including labor expenses and the costs of sand and other road-clearing supplies and equipment.
  • In overseas news, a tunnel leading under the Berlin Wall to the eastern part of the city had been discovered. The tunnel, four feet high and at least 360 feet long, originated in the cellar of a West Berlin house. Western police had sealed off the entrance, while East German soldiers began digging out their side of the tunnel. Seven people, three of whom had been found by police still digging the tunnel, were involved in the plan to help 17 refugees flee the Communist regime.


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