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United Way of Douglas County raises $1.6M so far in 2011

February 24, 2011


Members of the United Way of Douglas County gathered at Maceli’s Wednesday night for its annual leadership reception and campaign celebration where leaders announced that the organization has raised $1.6 million so far this year.

That amount means the United Way of Douglas County will be able to continue to fund groups at the same level it did last year, despite the economy.

“It’s been a difficult year for fundrasing, but we have so many people, volunteers and donors who have just stepped up to the plate and done what they could,” Beverly Smith Billings, 2010 campaign chair, said. “I think it really has been a tough year for everyone, the economic recovery has been very slow, but I’m very pleased with the success that we’ve had today because I know everyone worked as hard as they could.”

Smith Billings passed on the position of chair to next year’s co-chairs, Beth and Val Stella.

“It’s just been such a wonderful experience to see and experience the stepping up of this community, whether it’s through time or whether it’s through donating,” she said. “I’m always impressed with the city of Lawrence.”


toe 7 years, 4 months ago

There is nothing impressive about the United Way.

loveks 7 years, 4 months ago

Then it's obvious you don't know anything about them and what they do to make this community viable. Ask the two dozen or so agencies they provide funding to if there is "nothing impressive" about United Way and you'll get a much-deserved kick in the keester. I find it hard to believe that the thousands of people who financially support United Way in Douglas County are idiots. Get yourself educated on the facts and do something positive for this community instead of throwing daggers at United Way everytime there is something in the news about them. You try making a difference for once in your life.

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