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Kansas House to debate Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s election fraud bill

February 24, 2011


— The Kansas House is preparing to debate Secretary of State Kris Kobach's bill to require voters to show photo identification at the polls.

The measure on the House's calendar for Thursday contains the Republican secretary of state's proposed Secure and Fair Elections Act.

He says it will give Kansas the toughest laws in the nation against election fraud. Critics contend the measure will suppress turnout, something Kobach denies.

Besides the photo ID requirement, the bill would require people who register to vote for the first time in the state to provide proof they are citizens.

It also increases the penalties for election crimes and gives the secretary of state's office the authority to file and prosecute election fraud cases.


blindrabbit 6 years, 9 months ago

Modern day example of Don Quixote chasing windmills. What a waste of time and money, and a further proof about What's the Matter With Kansas. Smilin Sam, Prejudiced Phill, Funeral Protesting Fred, and Krazy Kris!

Ralph Reed 6 years, 9 months ago

I read this as the Kansas House is preparing to rubber stamp K(K)K's bill.

It's a power grab, allows him to step beyond his constitutional boundaries, and makes it more difficult for people to vote.

Simple question. Someone has been registered to vote and has regularly voted in Oklahoma for example. They move here because of a job and are establishing residency. They do the standard things: get a KS drivers license; pay KS state Income Tax; establish a residence in Kansas; and come election time, register to vote. They have their Oklahoma voters registration which has not expired. They take their shiny new KS State Drivers License, Property Tax Bill, address information and copy of their KS State Tax return along with their unexpired Oklahoma voters registration. They say, "Look at this. I'm a Kansas resident. I've voted in Oklahoma and want to vote here instead." Do we now tell him to go away until her returns with the proper papers? The way this bill reads, the answer is yes.

overthemoon 6 years, 9 months ago

It has become quite clear in recent weeks that this and other 'initiatives' around the country have nothing to do with voter fraud, or with deficits, or job creation, or with representing the will of the people. Its a concerted effort to cripple the democratic process in favor of oligarchy. One more tiny step and we've got full blown fascism. Is this what voters were thinking when they picked the shiny new republicans in November? Are they awake yet?

verity 6 years, 9 months ago

Exactly. I don't think I'm being overly dramatic to say we are being led like lambs to the slaughter. We've allowed torture in the name of security---when all proof seems to say that it has made us less secure, we've allowed the so-called Patriot Act to make us safer, when in fact it was another power grab and certainly not necessary with the laws that were already in place. One by one our freedoms are being taken away in the name of freedom and we continue to believe the lies. I know this is verboten, but it reminds me more and more of what happened when the Nazi's took over Germany.

blindrabbit 6 years, 9 months ago

Facism you say: Herr's Brownbach, Kobach, Klien, I'll need to refresh my Aryan language skills!

Paul R Getto 6 years, 9 months ago

Kochkansas, where billionaires and the unicorn play. Get to the budget, folks and while you are at it, study the tax code and look for more equitable funding to support programs.

4getabouit 6 years, 9 months ago

"Show me your papers!" The Brownshirts make their move.

William Weissbeck 6 years, 9 months ago

It's only fraud if someone votes who isn't entitled to. There has been no showing that happens. It is vote suppression to hold down the numbers of people otherwise eligible to vote, because you make the assumption that those people won't vote for you. It is also vote suppression if you make it more difficult for people otherwise eligible, to register to vote or change registration.

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