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‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ coming to Lawrence’s Free State Brewery; Owner Chuck Magerl responds to questions

February 22, 2011, 6:18 p.m. Updated February 23, 2011, 12:47 p.m.


Free State Brewery will host a broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” today, the restaurant’s owner said.

Chuck Magerl, owner of Free State Brewery, 636 Mass., said he didn’t know why the show chose to film at the restaurant, except that it would feature an interview with someone from the region.

“We’re the site; they’re the show,” Magerl said.

The left-leaning political commentator has been focusing on former anti-abortion Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline’s ethics hearings in Topeka and has done numerous stories on the issue.

A spokeswoman for the show said in an e-mail that the show will also be following up on its coverage of Wichita abortion provider George Tiller’s murder.

At the brewery, much of today will be devoted to setting up for the show, said Magerl, who added that he learned about the show’s interest in the location on Tuesday afternoon.

“We know that it’s going to be a pretty hectic time,” he said.

Though the restaurant will remain open, Magerl said the company wasn’t using the show as a way to promote its business, and wasn’t seeking to have a large crowd for the occasion. The one-hour show airs at 8 p.m. on MSNBC.

“I think they’ll be disappointed,” he said of people who might show up and hope to be included.

The show’s taping also coincides with the brewery’s birthday. A promotion that gave discounts for the birthday parties of people who share the same birthday will also be valid on Thursday, the restaurant announced.

With all the activity surrounding Maddow’s presence, Wednesday promises to be an interesting day, he said.

“We’re certainly trying to make a good presentation of Kansas on the airwaves, and that’s what we hope to do,” Magerl said.

Update: Chuck Magerl, owner of Free State Brewery, submitted the following statement to on Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011:

I’ve received numerous questions regarding my decision to allow Free State Brewery to to be a site for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow talk show. Ann Coulter has been our guest at Free State Brewery, Bill O’Reilly has not called yet. As the proprietor of Free State, I’m a strong Kansas Independent who may wince at the barbs that are tossed our way by self-congratulatory hipsters from the coasts, but I have abiding faith in our ability to sift through the rhetoric and find ways to show we care about what happens here.

Yesterday when a producer from MSNBC called to say they were doing a show in Kansas and wanted to bring it to downtown Lawrence, I gathered a few details, and promised to call back. Based on my faith in the handful of folks I sought out for references, I decided to grant them use of some space in our building to land their show. Would I do the same for Bill O’Reilly? Likely so, if he felt the news from Kansas was something that would engage the conscience of our people.

Perhaps it’s a character flaw of mine, but I see very few pure heroes and not many devils walking through Lawrence. Mainly I see regular folks who may have strong opinions and values, but they truly care about what they regard as right. I’ve been moved by words I’ve heard from a country lawyer in Clay County, a farmer in Pratt and a café owner in Mitchell County. And I have continuing faith in the efforts of Kansans to help shape a wise course for our future based on the discussions we foster.

Over the past 150 years, we’ve seen that it isn’t easy. And we’ve had more than our share of orators and pundits who have crafted their words to call us to action. The Free State movement and women’s suffrage have been successes, Prohibition not so much.

Should we choose to silence the journalists who expose our weaknesses, flaws and hypocrisy? If so, we’re suggesting that the way things are today is good enough. I’m still hoping for better. As much as I hate to hear criticism of my business, my community, my State or my Country, I know sifting through the critic’s words is the only way to prove faith in our greater future.


RogueThrill 7 years ago

Oh Rachel, if only you liked men...

jtransue 7 years ago

oh rachel, thank goodness you don't! meow!

Neomarxist123 7 years ago

A bright blue speck of blue in a sea of red.

dontcallmedan 7 years ago

Last blue county for 560 miles if you're westbound.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

You mean like the freedom to join a union, and negotiate on something approaching equal footing with your employers?

Oh, sorry, Republicans are opposed to that, and in favor of a big-brother form of government.

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Thank you Bozo!My keyboard was down when I read that.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

The only reason anyone doesn't "voluntarily' join the union is because they want to piggyback off the work and dues done by all those that do join the union.

Anti-union sentiment has absolutely nothing to do with "freedom." Quite the opposite. The goal is to make it easier for the oligarchs to make wage slaves of us all.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

That should have read, " they want to piggyback off the work done and dues paid by all those that do join the union."

gccs14r 7 years ago

Bozo may not have, but I have. I'm on the inactive list for both the Teamsters and the Machinists. Paying dues is part of the deal for gaining the power of collective bargaining. Otherwise, you're just a freeloader.

Liberty275 7 years ago

How about freedom to work without paying a union for the privilege? I wouldn't live in any state that isn't right-to-work because I don't seal with blackmail very well.

Defixione 7 years ago

LMAO! That's the funniest thing I've read all day!

TheStonesSuck 7 years ago

I'm sure this will make Kansas look reeaal good.

gccs14r 7 years ago

Sounds like fun, but I bet it's a zoo over there tomorrow. Imagine if the WBC idiots show up to protest.

alm77 7 years ago

How do you know? I tried to look on their website, but it's not loading. I also saw a news article saying Anonymous was trying to take it down. Looks like they may have succeeded! :D

Liberty275 7 years ago

More like a pig farm than a zoo.

Cait McKnelly 7 years ago

You would know since to you, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

jtransue 7 years ago

she can speak her mind on them as well, give them the public whipping if intellect they deserve. that is, if they can understand the words she uses.

TheStonesSuck 7 years ago

lol, you're like a parody of yourself! XD

RogueThrill 7 years ago

Pretty sure they won't miss your business. I mean, with the lines already being what they were.

Orwell 7 years ago

I can hear Chuck's heart breaking.

MyName 7 years ago

I guess I'll just have to drink your share. I know it's a sacrifice, but it's for the good of America, no the world!

mysterion 7 years ago

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parrothead8 7 years ago

Finally, someplace I know I can enjoy.

CloveK 7 years ago

It was a nice try, but your not going to get through to him. Trolls will be trolls.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

"Never thought much"

There. Fixed it for you.

Boston_Corbett 7 years ago

yea. A Shewmon-free zone. Now if we can just expand this to include the highways into town....

meggers 7 years ago

You kind of strike me as a Coors guy, anyway.

ilovelucy 7 years ago

I'm sure they will be estatic if you don't patronize them again.

lucygrace 7 years ago

Good. You probably don't under stand the concept of a DEMOCRATIC FREE STATE. Stay in JOCO where you belong.

jtransue 7 years ago

don't let politics get in the way of delicious beer! let's not lose our heads!

manfred 7 years ago

Really?! Finally we can organize a meeting of the "No Tom Shewmon Club" at Free State! I'm so excited!

mushfish 7 years ago

Good...leaves more room for me..Huzzah!!

llama726 7 years ago

Oh PLEASE. Free State is a fantastic restaurant. Your petty nature is showing, old man.

hujiko 7 years ago

And yet this is the final straw? You are just reluctant to associate yourself with things you disagree with. Enjoy homogeneity.

Chelsea Kapfer 7 years ago

I'm sure they are painting their "going out of business" signs in response to your comment.

Alyosha 7 years ago

Is there anything in the world that you don't filter through your ideological / political lens? That must get emotionally draining.

Some day, we all hope, you'll bring something to the conversation other than broken-record repetitions of political conspiracy fantasies.

somedude20 7 years ago

and I thought that Dick Cheney was annoying but you take the cake my friend. You are the new Dick

hujiko 7 years ago

Exactly. You are afraid of anything you disagree with or flat out don't understand. You segregate yourself from anything you deem too radical for your taste; any progress is scary to you because it means leaving behind old ways.

liberallibrarian 7 years ago

Judging from this comment, I assume you know nothing about the owner of Tellers. Or you'd probably not frequent that restaurant either.

gerald_bostock 7 years ago

who said anything about promoting? are they advertising a bunch or simply hosting a tv show that initiated interest in broadcasting from there?

does the university of kansas promote and stand by the words of every guest speaker they host?!

simpleton 7 years ago

Yeah, you know, I don't remember caring what you think of Free State. I'm sure it's not based on the food. If Glenn Beck were there tomorrow you'd be wetting yourself right now.

Mandie Eutsler 7 years ago

So you're telling me that if a national cable channel asked to film a show at your establishment you would say no? For any reason? You must be crazy.

I'm happy for you Chuck and wish you continued success at Free State!

nobody1793 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

hujiko 7 years ago

Don't you have some conservative news site that you can post on to spare us from your unnecessary blather?

dontcallmedan 7 years ago

Just show up and grab a sign from Fred. You'd fit right in.

somedude20 7 years ago

Fruit and cheese? Is that a reference about her being a lesbian? I thought you only disliked people of color and now this. Tough to keep up with you.

RogueThrill 7 years ago

Hahaah, look at ole Tom freak out.

Can't wait to see him in there in a couple of weeks ordering the Gumbo and some Cheddar Ale soup.

RogueThrill 7 years ago

Sure, her diatribes are a bit hyperbolic. But her interviews are pretty well done.

Diana Lee 7 years ago

Awesome! I love Rachel and her show. These pieces about Kansas and Phil Kline have been really well done.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

Tom sounds like a frontrange rocky mountain goat pee drinker or COORS drinker. Gotta love them expat texans in colorado. Free State is waaaaay to smart a crowd for you Tom. You live closer to Suki's in Bonner right?

yourworstnightmare 7 years ago

Rachel Maddow's show is doing some of the best journalism out there these days. You might disagree with her politics, but she does great interviews and doesn't shy away from conservative or right wing viewpoints.

Jack Hope III 7 years ago

I'm sure Rachel Maddow chose Free State as much for it's fine beverages as any other reason. Some of the best things I've learned from televisions are the mixed drink recipes RM sometimes highlights at the end of her program.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

my bad. I used to live up the hill from Kobi's. And I shouldn't slander the bikers by comparing them to Mr. Objective.

Olympics 7 years ago

Take it easy, Hollis. Why don't you stop talking for a while? Yeah, sit the next couple plays out, if you know what I mean.

Keith 7 years ago

Now we know who Tom will be supporting in the republican presidential primaries, the way he flip flops he can only be a Romney man.

chance 7 years ago

The queen idiot Liberal coming to Lawrence... hmmm..Go figure! Its the only conservitive county in the entire state!

She does'nt have the guts to go any where else to spread her BS Propaganda.. She knows she would be put in her place...

Conservitives make arguments! Liberals make excuses!

chance 7 years ago

I meant Liberal County!! Pains me to say that word!...Yuck

caseygolf 7 years ago

She and her show have been in Topeka and Wichita all week. So I guess she does have the "guts" as you call it.

grimpeur 7 years ago


casey with the dopeslap! That's gonna leave a mark.

sjwilson 7 years ago

And conservitives (sic) spell very poorly, apparently.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

conservatives make arguements because they can't think or spell and there's nothing wrong with Rachel Maddow coming here. The only places Alaskan Barbie shows up in are the sovereign republics of churchistan, secondamendmentstan, and dumbistan, also known as Andover and Salina. The people there are really independant thinkers. Just ask Bill O Reilly.

Mike Ford 7 years ago

conservatives make arguements because they can't think or spell and there's nothing wrong with Rachel Maddow coming here. The only places Alaskan Barbie shows up in are the sovereign republics of churchistan, secondamendmentstan, and dumbistan, also known as Andover and Salina. The people there are really independant thinkers. Just ask Bill O Reilly.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

I guess they could have gone out back and relieved the goat in order to satisfy your craving.

Those lazy bastards.

shotgun 7 years ago

Conservatives can't spell! Say what you want about RM, but she's got balls!

Tom, have you ever read "Whats the Matter With Kansas". Dude, you have been duped!

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Prospector, you've got to wave to us when you get on camera.

BigPrune 7 years ago

I've never heard of this lady so I had to look her up.

She gets half the viewers of Hannity, coming from bankrupt Air Amerika

I don't watch either, but I'm sure half is a major success for MSNBC....and herself.

Free State is the perfect venue. I wonder what the guy/girl ratio will be? I imagine it will be kind of like an Oprah Winfrey Show, but the audience will be without makeup, nice clothes but lots of patchouli oil.

overthemoon 7 years ago

Have to figure into the ratings game that Fox Party News is included in Basic Cable around the country. MSNBC is a premium channel.

You'd hate her show...she does reality instead of Fox P arty news misinformation.

gerbaldo 7 years ago

Yeah well, folks in Lawrence may love Rachel and that's fine. I'm sure Free State owner(s) will see no reduction of business in Lawrence.

What they aren't taking into account are those taps they have in Johnson County. I wont be drinking out of them anymore and I drink alot of Free State beer at some of my favorite hangouts. I will also be sure to mention it to my friends, they drink alot of Free State beer as well. Fly your rainbow flags and dance naked in the streets hippies.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

Sorry. Didn't see your post before mine.

But really, what was the point?

Retta H-b 7 years ago

One of her producers is from Lawrence.

jhawkinsf 7 years ago

I'm not a big fan of Rachel's ultra liberal politics but I do like Free State and that won't change.

Lana Christie-Hayes 7 years ago

Free State doesn't NEED the business from those that would choose not to "shadow" their establishment or drink their product just because of this!! There are always LONG lines outside of this well-established Lawrence business, and the few HATERS aren't going to make one bit of difference.. So go ahead and go cry in your IMPORTED beer somewhere else!!! (My son works at Free State and absolutely loves the people he works with and for!)

awhitebread11 7 years ago

Word 'em up! Shout out for the employees! They work their tails off and do great work.

Jimo 7 years ago

Weirdest comment on the page (and that's saying a lot).

awhitebread11 7 years ago

huh? you know maybe liberals with madcow are the first stage in the inevitable zombie apocalypse...

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

You may hate Free State, but you clearly have your own sources.

riverdrifter 7 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Lindsey Buscher 7 years ago

Yeah yeah yeah and you hate people once they are out of the womb...get off your high spaghetti monster!

Mike Ford 7 years ago

Lawrence is surrounded by dumistan. keep proving the sticker right genuises.

Paul R Getto 7 years ago

"Conservitives (sic) make arguments!" === As they should. They can be better received when the conventions of English are also observed. Ms. Maddow is, perhaps, too highly educated to actually host a talk show on popular media, but she carries on regardless. Should be interesting.

BigAl 7 years ago

Actually consumer1, Tom (and you for that matter) were extremely predictable on this blog. Nothing new here.

Props to Free State Brewery for getting all these conservatives knickers in a knot and shaking up the corrupt right wing media!

dontcallmedan 7 years ago

consumer1, you don't like it when people have a different opinion from you, do you? You like to believe your opinion is the only one, and if someone agrees with you you must be right. But lo to the person who sees things differently. such an open minded individual you are. Hmmmm?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

I believe that "troll" is the appropriate term for the roll that Tom plays on this forum.

BigAl 7 years ago

I knew this was going to be a hot topic. I also knew my friend Tom would be out in full force. I have to agree with Tom about the restaurant. I was never much of a fan either. But, I am definitely in the minority even in my own family. The place is always full with waiting lines.

The reason a lot of these folks don't like Rachel Maddow is that she stands up to the corrupt right-wing media. Since she doesn't go along with the Hannity/Limbaugh crowd, they hate her. I watch her and O'Reilly. She leans left and O'Reilly leans right. Works for me.

slowplay 7 years ago

I don't watch either one. When they started out they were both fresh, honest and actually took pride in reporting facts. Now they both cater to the extremes. They are entertainers who have found there market niche. The facts are shaded to support their own agendas. It's yellow journalism at it's finest. That said, It's cool that she's here and I hope we make here feel welcome.

Shardwurm 7 years ago

Corrupt right wing media?


All credibility = lost.

Paul R Getto 7 years ago

BigAl: Good points, Bubba. It is important we read widely and listen to views from all across the spectrum. To do otherwise is to be a trained seal who only barks at the right commands and does not think for a living. It is critical to our cultural and political survival that we seek to understand each other instead of just flinging monkey poo from the left wing cages into the right wing cages, and vice versa. Shanti.

Laura Wilson 7 years ago

Wow, that's about the most xenophobic comment I've ever read here. So non-English speakers have no right to frequent restaurants? Europeans are "bad"? I hope you don't travel over there! If you do, no wonder Americans are looked down upon.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Bwahaha. "We carry our politics with us wherever we go, and are disgusted to find them wherever we are."

This would again almost suggest parody, but you're far more entertaining if I take you as a legitimate fool.

jessanddaron 7 years ago

Bill O'Reilly and Obama before the super bowl sums up FNC for me. The President did a great job keeping his composure during what any journalism student could tell was badgering, abrasive, and downright unprofessionalism on O'Reilly's part. FNC serves to create problems in order to blame them on non-conservatives and then invites the ones with enough, guts I suppose, onto the show so they can berate them and cut them off before they can even get out a sentence.

overthemoon 7 years ago

Yep, and it turned out that the ratings were really low. Obama has gotten better viewer numbers in other interviews, so get over your big fat self BillO!!

Kim Murphree 7 years ago

Rachel Maddow is so much smarter and more entertaining than O'Reilly or any other right winger. They are afraid of her...she's the epitome of intelligent talk media! What a great opportunity for Lawrence! Welcome Rachel!!!

slowplay 7 years ago

They are no more afraid of her than the left is afraid of Rush Limbaugh. These are entertainers not legitimate news broadcasters. If you lean left you will watch her, but I doubt even the most extreme leftists take her seriously. Same applies to O'Reilly and Beck. Anybody who relies on any of these psuedo newscasts for legitimate information are blind extemists who don't care what the truth is as long as it supports their cause.

flavorful 7 years ago

Rachel Maddow, in addition to having a PHd in political science, is by far the most insightful, entertaining and slightly snarky commentator anywhere on the dial today, She makes Hannity, O'Reilly, Rush and Beck sound like total idiots and is unafraid to take on opposing views. The fact that she is openly gay, a woman and very liberal really freaks out some folks. I wouldn't miss an evening of her commentary for anything. She calls out Fred Phelps, various liars and miscreants, presidents and governors, senators and congressmen and sports a great sense of humor. Unlike the folks who work for Rupert Maddoch, she never lets it get personal. I watched an hour of Glen Beck, an hour of Bill O;Reilly and listened to part of Rush;s show once. I had to clean up the dash board of my car because I spit coffee all over it when Rush made some particularly egregious comments. Oh, well, it needed cleaning anyway.

booyalab 7 years ago

I've never watched her show, but if she's anything like Chris Matthews I know where I won't be eating tonight. Not that I'm going to permanently boycott the place, but I think having to listen to someone like Matthews while I eat would not be conducive to good digestion.

Kontum1972 7 years ago




most of u resemble that nut whos shot the doctor.....this is the same stuff that fired up that nut in arizona......somebody call up the new chief of police....

Steve Bunch 7 years ago





Diarrhiac ellipses?

Bill Lee 7 years ago

The Free State is not a restaurant. It is a brewery/bar that serves some food. I go there to drink, not to eat. Also, Chuck did not call Rachel and suggest that she do her show there. Her producers called him and asked if it was OK to do the show there.

irvan moore 7 years ago

why do we care about where they do the show? i don't think the location will affect the content regardless of where it is shot.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Right-thinker says: "Roflmao!"

Careful, you can't say "roflmao" without saying "Mao."

It's a leftist conspiracy.

Judgesmails 7 years ago

what a bunch of gibberish........

ralphralph 7 years ago

Chuck is kidding himself if he thinks he can say "We're the site, they're the show" and not have customers walk away, never to return. Maybe business is so good that it doesn't matter, but he will lose customers by hosting Maddow. No question about it. (this is known as a "fact")

jonas_opines 7 years ago

Perhaps he's thought of that, and come to the conclusion that fools who are that tied into their political ideology represent such a small (and likely selfish and fickle) part of the population, that their leaving will be no great loss.

Or perhaps he guesses that at least a portion of them are nothing but bluster, and will hold on to the boycott no better than they hold on to any of their other principles, and as such will be back after a few months.

Keith 7 years ago

Or like Tom, hold them for a matter of hours.

dontcallmedan 7 years ago

Didn't he promise to leave the country if Obama won?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

I doubt that they'll lose a significant number of customers. But as for the wackjobs who choose to stay away-- good riddance. They merely take the average IQ level of the patrons down, anyway.

ralphralph 7 years ago

Don't know how the numbers would fall, but just sayin' ... it'll be more than zero. Pretending otherwise won't change that. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, good or bad, just that it's true ... this will cost him customers.

He knows it, too, or he wouldn't have tried to act like he didn't care. He cares. You don't do your business any good by running-off customers, even blustering, selfish, fickle, foolish, wackjob, low-IQ, customers.

It's a choice he's making ... he's hoping he can do it without losing too much. Whatever. Don't pretend it's not an issue for him.

slowplay 7 years ago

"but he will lose customers by hosting Maddow". No he won't. If anybody takes Maddow that seriously, pro or con, they are wired a little too tightly to be socializing anywhere. Enjoy the show, laugh a little (with her or at her) but please keep this in perspective.

jessanddaron 7 years ago

I must say I agree that MSNBC is the opposite end of the spectrum than Fox News but you can't disagree with the fact that Maddow brings more intelligence, composure, and rationalism to a discussion than any other employee of either station whether it be Olbermann, Beck, or O'Reilly. It just frustrates a lot of people when she is simply correct because she is a little bit different and is no-holds-barred as far as questioning goes.

jessanddaron 7 years ago

I watch Fox News regularly. I like to stay informed, but thank you for your incorrect assumptions.

ralphralph 7 years ago

  • you can't disagree with the fact that Maddow brings more intelligence, composure, and rationalism to a discussion *

Yes, I can disagree. I do, as a matter of fact. I would agree, though, that she probably COULD bring those things to a discussion, but she chooses not to do so.

Rachel Maddow is just a somewhat-female version of Olbermann.
She fairly oozes with snarkiness. She's so proud of her cute little digs and factoids, she just can't contain herself. He smugness reaches levels that would pop the ears of Sean Hannity ... of whom, really, she seems to be the dark-mirror image.

W might say Maddow is a "tearer-downer, not a builder-upper." I would say she spews hate and intolerance, same as Hannity, but just from the other side of the manure pile.

Nothing about her whets my appetite for a Copperhead. Lots about her makes me think 23rd Street isn't that far away.

Brandon Weber 7 years ago

Go Chuck! Go Free State! And Go Rachel Maddow! Whatever your beliefs it's just a great opportunity and event for the community. Display our diversity and not our ignorance.

ralphralph 7 years ago

You're mistakenly comparing "performance spaces" with restaurants and such.

Everything about Rachel Maddow IS politically slanted, not to mention hatefully slanted.

Bad idea.

overthemoon 7 years ago

No. There's no hate there. Just reality. A very rare commodity these days.

WilburM 7 years ago

Nice clarification and framing of this whole episode, Chuck. It's always nice to be asked; FSB will be a good host. And the sun will come up tomorrow.

Make it two K150s.

flavorful 7 years ago

In response to ralphralph, you say everything she says is hatefully slanted. I guess you have not watched much of her work. I have and I'm totally turned off by "hate-slanted" crap shows and hers is much more interested in thoughtful analysis and cutting through the misguided hateful junk that passes for news at FOX. I don't have the corner on the market for correct data and I know gentle caring intelligence when I see it. She has more compassion than most commentators and way more understanding of how the far right is trying to take over everything, from their war on women to their war on reasonable discourse.

ralphralph 7 years ago

"thoughtful analysis" ,,, hmmm. Means you agree with it? Don't mistake me as a Fox fan ... I just see MSNBC as their just-as-evil twin. I wouldn't associate myself with either one.

Dan Thalmann 7 years ago

I appreciated Chuck Magerl's comments on the situation. Shows some folks can stay above the fray (unlike most of us, me included.) Love the food at Free State and I hope Maddow doesn't taint it with her bile.

ralphralph 7 years ago

MSNBC formed her from one of Keith Olbermann's ribs.

Bob_Keeshan 7 years ago

Chuck Magerl has put a clown suit on sooooooooo many crazy internet posers, I mean posters.

Some of you ought to choose a bright red nose as your avatar.

jayhawklawrence 7 years ago

Sometimes Rachel is very good and sometimes she just sounds like another left wing zealot.

She can be extremely good at breaking down the issues. If she comes off sounding like a left wing zealot, it won't be well received outside of a bar and grill on Massachusetts.

The abortion issue is a very sensitve issue in Kansas. It will be interesting to see how she handles it. I am reminded that Obama said he is against abortion but pro-choice.

I think everyone agrees there are too many abortions and not enough being done to prevent them. It is a big problem.

nobody1793 7 years ago

This discussion is so thread-tastic!

newmedia 7 years ago

As long as they don't let her near the beer I will frequent Free State again once there has been adequate time to air it out. Can't we all just get along?

exhawktown 7 years ago

This comment, as well as that of Chuck Magerl, are the best on this issue.

ralphralph 7 years ago

I still say it will cost him customers. I'm not saying me, but customers. A wise old businessman once explained to me, "The customer is NOT always right, but the customer IS always the customer, and there ain't nobody else gonna walk through that door and lay money on the counter." Maddow being there will cause some customers not to walk through the door. Will he attract enough NEW customers from the exposure to offset that? Don't know. Is he making so much money, now that they are bottling FS beer, that he just doesn't care? Maybe. From a business standpoint, this is not like hosting College Gameday ... it's something that is going to flat piss-off some of the customers. Whatever. Somebody mop up the snarkiness so at least no shoes are harmed in the process.

CloveK 7 years ago

Any place where Mr. Tom refuses to go is a good place in my book!

It's beer:30 and I need an Ad Astra.

Darrell Lea 7 years ago

I worked at a successful locally owned business in Kansas City during the late 70's and early 80's. The owner had a wonderful slogan, which he and the staff were quite fond of:

"You're just a customer. You can be replaced."

shotgun 7 years ago

Hey Tom what does Fox ratings over MSNBC have to do with anything? Similar to W. getting elected twice. Just means stupid people are in the majority.

pea 7 years ago

Align yourselves with a talking head! Pick one! Any one!

Engage in a blood feud over television personalities!

I'm afraid you've fallen for it again...

yourworstnightmare 7 years ago

This shouldn't cost Free State any more customers than Fox News being on the TV in the background at bars and restaurants.

My guess is that most people who would stop patronage because of this don't go to Free State that often anyway. Certainly there are a few, but not many.

Mandie Eutsler 7 years ago

Sad that Chuck has to defend himself for having a liberal over for dinner... Rachel, I recommend the fish n chips. That's my favorite thing to eat at Free State. Don't forget to sample the brews...

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

Coulter is a an anti-intellectual liar. Maddow isn't.

What's your point?

awhitebread11 7 years ago

Really! Really? You honestly believe that this will lose FSB customers and that this will hurt business? Have you been to Free State much ralphralph? And if you have I have a query, when is it not busy?

People in this town will not stop coming to Free State because of this show and the few that may will come no where near the number of out-of-towners who have all been told to go to the brewery whenever they're in town for a game or whatever else.

Not to mention the numerous national and local press the brewery receives, i.e. the paw paw story in the K.C. Star and the rave reviews the beer gets in the national scene, which just bring in more first-time and more often-than-not return customers.

Then there's the whole new success of bottling their beer which is in nearly every county in Kansas that isn't dry, and they're making the move to expand shipping across state lines. Free State is more than fine, if anyone is losing money on this deal it's the servers who will likely be recieving less in tips becasue the camera equipment has taken up almost all of downstairs and the whole hub-bub about this will likely scare off many people for dinner tonight.

Sig 7 years ago

Is there any way to see the taping or is it all booked up? Whether you agree with her views or not, you gotta admit this is big to have a show like that taped here in KS.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

"you can't disagree with the fact that (etc)"

Have you not been here very long? Here you could say that the sky was blue and you'd have multiple people yelling at you that it should properly be called Cobalt, and only marxists/fascists/teabaggers/loony left ever call it blue.

jaketh 7 years ago

C'mon people give it a rest. You all are making a mound out of an ant hill. Take a chill pill. Read the story. FSB did not actively seek to host the Maddow show. The show called them. They are merely hosting the show. Even if they are, what's the big deal. The Koch brothers fund far right wing activities. That does not mean you are going to turn off your gas & freeze. Same thing, by FSB hosting a show does not mean you would be boycotting their beer. They provide employment to many people in Lawrence. They have shown committment to the community by expanding their bottling plant. From what I understand, they cannot even meet their demand. Isn't that good news for Lawrence? More money & tax base. Give a home town industry kudos & TY.

irvan moore 7 years ago

interesting that we discuss customers not going to Free State because of this but don't talk about the benefits of national exposure now that they are bottling the beer. seems like a winner to me.

sweatybutcher 7 years ago

I gotta give a shout out to Free State- still the best damn beer, great food, and service. I have never been disappointed by anything there. With rare exception it is too loud, but that's usually sports related, and I should know better. Keep up the good work, and I'll see you soon.

pace 7 years ago

I appreciate Free State. I am picky about service and quality of fare and both have been consistently good. While I don't drink beer, I hear it is good. I enjoy how you can watch the brewing process. I have only one suggestion. They should hang some banners celebrating Kansas history and beer. They should hang the banners because it would change the acoustics. The rock walls and high ceiling bounces the noise too much.
Happy Birthday Free State!

gl0ck0wn3r 7 years ago


Chuck pwn3d quite a few people with his response.

Mandie Eutsler 7 years ago

People all over the country aren't going to be sure that she's really in Kansas. I've not heard even one harumph...

Maddy Griffin 7 years ago

Looks like the crowd is loving her! I wonder what Brownback is afraid of.

sasquatch 7 years ago

Hmmmm. RM sure is giving conservative Kansas a lot of kudos tonight. Whats up with that? Careful Rachel.

overthemoon 7 years ago

What's up with that? She made it very clear. Folks are folks here, just like everywhere else. And the crazies are everywhere and not just in Kansas.

sasquatch 7 years ago

I thought she was very kind and gracious to the crowd and Kansans in general. She could have very well taken a different direction with her program, but you are correct, she targeted the crazies.

adagio 7 years ago

Wish that I could've been there to show my support.

zzgoeb 7 years ago

Well said Chuck , and Amen!!!

As for Ms. Maddow, she has a few things that the "right-winged" media is missing; integrity, class, brains, and a Rhoads scholarship!!!

ralphralph 7 years ago

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Evan Ridenour 7 years ago

I didn't really care one way or another... until I saw the letter from the owner of Free State.

Bravo Chuck, I think I will be heading there for dinner sometime soon. :)

ProudDad 7 years ago

Well done Chuck! You have served Lawrence, Kansas and the responsibility of owning a business well! Your letter is well thought out and well written. You help us all be proud to be Kansans! Well done!

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