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Carter, Dever and Schumm raise more than $13,000 each for Lawrence City Commission campaigns

From left: Bob Schumm, Mike Machell, Mike Dever, Hugh Carter and Sven Alstrom

From left: Bob Schumm, Mike Machell, Mike Dever, Hugh Carter and Sven Alstrom

February 22, 2011


In the race for three seats on the Lawrence City Commission, a trio of candidates have broken out to a clear lead when it comes to fundraising.

Candidates Mike Dever, Hugh Carter and Bob Schumm each had raised more than $13,000 for their campaigns through mid-February — according to new campaign finance reports — while the two remaining candidates in the field had raised less than half that amount.

Dever, the lone incumbent in the race, led the way. He raised $13,145 during the Jan. 1 through Feb. 17 fundraising period. That is in addition to about $1,800 he raised in December.

“So far, I believe the campaign is going well,” said Dever, who owns an environmental consulting firm. “It is an unfortunate situation that campaigns cost this much. But advertising is expensive, and it is important to try to engage the voters. That’s the one good thing about spending the money. It helps engage the voters.”

Carter, a Lawrence financial adviser, has the second highest overall total, but his fundraising pace slowed considerably after the first of the year. Carter raised $3,110 from Jan. 1 through Feb. 17. That was the fourth lowest total out of the field of five. But Carter had raised $10,900 before the beginning of the year. With the two combined, his fundraising totals are the second highest in the field.

Schumm, a former city commissioner and longtime downtown restaurant owner, raised $13,090 from Jan. 1 to Feb. 17. He received donations from 130 contributors, tops among all candidates during this reporting period.

Mike Machell, a human resources director and chair of the city’s library board, raised $3,885. That’s in addition to about $2,200 he raised prior to the new year.

Sven Alstrom, a Lawrence architect who was the last to file for the race, raised $625.

Electronic copies of each candidate’s filing statements — which include the names and amounts of donors — are available on Here’s a summary for each candidate:


Total raised: $625

Contributors since Jan. 1: 11

Top contributors since Jan. 1: Mary Davidson, retiree, $200.


Total raised: $14,010

Contributors since Jan. 1: 27

Top contributors since Jan. 1: Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 441, $300; Tom Dobski, area restaurant owner, $300; Dale Willey, local auto dealer, $250.


Total raised: $14,945

Contributors since Jan. 1: 102

Top contributors: Bill and Cindy Self, Kansas University basketball coach, $500; Doug and Ladonna Stephens, local real estate broker, $500; Tom and Marilyn Dobski, area restaurant owners, $500; Darcey & Gilbert Soto, homemaker/technology consultant, $500; Sally Hare-Schriner, retiree, $500; Edward and Polly Sloan, attorney, $500.


Total raised: $6,095

Contributors since Jan. 1: 42

Largest contributors: Teamsters 696 Drive for Kansas, political action committee, $500; Dale and Janice Willey, local car dealer, $250.


Total raised: $13,090

Contributors since Jan. 1: 130

Largest contributors: McDowell Mountain, LLC, a retail liquor company, $500; South Mountain, LLC, a retail liquor company $500; Gaudreau Quinton Enterprises, a bar/restaurant company, $500; The Replay Lounge, a downtown bar, $500; Old Carpenters Hall Smokehouse, a restaurant company led by Schumm, $500.


BruceWayne 4 years ago

and here we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pea 4 years ago

Booze and bars? Schumm's my man!

Loretta James 4 years ago

yeah we got enough bar, grills, and resturant's downtown

jafs 4 years ago

What would that be exactly?

BruceWayne 4 years ago

$625? I pissed that much away on scratch tickets yesterday.

BruceWayne 4 years ago

why can I not download Svombie's report? anyone?

BruceWayne 4 years ago

okay got it...very interesting indeed.

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

Big spender C. C. is making his presence felt in the Win w Sven movement.

monkeyhawk 4 years ago

It all falls into place, doesn't it?

allamerican4ever 4 years ago

im sure lawrence will pick the tree hugger

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

The biggest spenders have always increased our taxes and user fees. And expanded the boundaries of Lawrence which in and of itself is a tax increase.

Since when have largest spenders been the best managers of the tax dollars?


Why elect the biggest spenders ........... as always?

monkeyhawk 4 years ago

"The biggest spenders have always increased our taxes and user fees."

Like the three amigos? Just think of the possibilities - we could have merrill, bozo and Sven serving the folks of Lawrence. Think how low our taxes would be, smooth streets, no more empty buses and businesses just begging to set up shop. Happy days!

But alas, it's only a dream.

nobody1793 4 years ago

I'd rather vote for a live chicken than any of these crooks.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Retaining the same thinkers will not change anything!

Developers are very expensive budget items. THEY want OUR tax dollars. New development is their ultimate desire NOT a necessary item for the majority of tax payers.

“Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick You with the Bill)”

There is one consequence that usually goes unmentioned - NOT necessary new growth is draining our pocketbooks and raising our taxes.

Local "boom town economics" is the result of over 3 decades of subsidies paid for by the taxpayers of older neighborhoods. These range from the obvious to the obscure and include big projects-like the billions we spend on new roads as well as smaller ones that demand tax dollar assistance that provide newer businesses an advantage over long time existing business.

Older neighborhoods have subsidized new west side growth at such a basic level for so long, that many people believe the status quo is actually fair and neutral. This is false-what we think of as a level playing field is tilted steeply in favor of new high tax dollar development.

Annexation and not necessary growth wastes tax money. It pulls economic resources away from our existing neighborhoods and spreads them out over new south and westside developments.

Older neighborhood tax dollars subsidize millions of dollars worth of new roads, new water and sewer lines, new schools and increased police and fire protection at the expense of the needs of older established neighborhoods.

This leads to degradation of our Lawrence,Kansas and higher taxes.

somemisfits 4 years ago

I'd like to throw my own hat in the ring and self-finance my campaign. Will you vote for me?

nobody1793 4 years ago

If you promise not to say anything or do anything, you've got my vote.

I'm tired of people with "ideas" that just make things worse.

ralphralph 4 years ago

My Issue: Will you repeal the double-secret-sales-tax-that's-not-really-a-sales-tax? Will you at least amend it so that there must be posted disclosures at the locations charging it?

scary_manilow 4 years ago

God, I hate them all so much. Didn't Bob Schmuck do enough damage the first time around?

mdrndgtl 4 years ago

Good. Looks like Sven got the $2.75 I sent him.

Kontum1972 4 years ago

why aren't these clowns raising money for our schools which are in a very bad way....if u can raise this kind of Jack!

obtw dont u guys have regular jobs...or dont u like going home after a full days work...gawd i am pooped after 8 hours of work in my office.

or mb it gives them an excuse to be out late at night....huney i wont be home until late i have a big meeting until way late....dont wait up for me....

pompous fools!

somedude20 4 years ago

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BruceWayne 4 years ago

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Richard Payton 4 years ago

Sly James KCMO mayoral candiate raised more money than all of these candiates combined. Wants to bring jobs to Kansas City and fight crime.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 4 years ago

Why vote for any of these guys. It is a waste of time. Core-less is the problem and until we get enough commission members with the guts and backbone to send him packing, nothing will change in the disgusting problems we see in the city government.

Loretta James 4 years ago

why dont you run and that would be one person working to get him out.

Kontum1972 4 years ago

frwent your right..nail on the head...BANG!

Loretta James 4 years ago

you could run and join frwent and that is 2 working to get him out.

BradWesley 4 years ago

"advertising is expensive". Not in Lawrence. Ask mike rundle how he came from nowhere to beat McFadden in 97 or 98.

BruceWayne 4 years ago 842 west 21st street zoned for a commercial business? anyone?

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