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Kansas House committee raises questions about KSU construction projects, delays consideration of Regents budget

February 21, 2011


— The House budget-writing committee balked Monday on the proposed higher education budget after several conservatives posed questions about a number of building projects at Kansas State University.

The House Appropriations Committee will return to the higher ed budget Tuesday.

The 10 projects cost approximately $30 million. Most would be financed with private funds or special funds within K-State.

But several members of the House Appropriations Committee questioned whether the state would be required to pay for maintenance of those facilities, or for additional staff in future years.

Among the projects before the committee were a $13 million new Grain Science Center Feed Mill, $5.3 million for an addition to the Large Animal Research Center, and $5.2 million to accelerate construction of an addition to the College of Human Ecology.

K-State would like to start work on all the projects during the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. The committee didn’t get to the next fiscal year budget, which includes $50 million in bonds to improve Snyder Family Stadium.

All of the proposed projects had been reviewed by the Kansas Board of Regents, but apparently were added to the budget process after the board submitted its budget requests to Gov. Sam Brownback, according to Appropriations Committee staff.

“I’d like clarification from the governor’s office on this,” said Appropriations Chair Marc Rhoades, R-Newton.

There were no capital improvement projects from Kansas University in the budget report.


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