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100 years ago: Aviator plans to fly over Lawrence in biplane

February 21, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 21, 1911:

  • “Aviator Evans who expects to give a series of exhibition flights at Woodland Park for four days will fly over the city next Thursday afternoon if wind conditions are favorable. The graceful but fragile looking aeroplane is being unpacked today at the depot and will be taken out to the aviation field this afternoon. The public will be welcome to visit the park and watch the aviator putting the bi-plane together. The machine will be housed near the roller coaster and is a handsome bird-like bit of mechanism.”
  • “The cold weather is destined to continue a few weeks if Prophet Evans is to be relied upon. According to his observation the cold rains came just at the time that the earth was in conjunction with Mars. Hence it follows that the weather of this week will continue as long as the earth is under the influence of Mars, which the almanac says will be until about March 15.”
  • [Advertisement] “For Washington’s birthday, we have hatchets and cherry twigs in candy boxes, drums, stumps and big cherries. Silk flags, 10 cents a dozen, up. We make candy wafers in red, white and blue, any flavor to order. In ice creams, we lead. Special designs for the occasion. Weidemann.”


Frederic Gutknecht IV 6 years, 11 months ago

Old Prophet Evans loves him some Mars/Earth conjunction action.

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