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40 years ago: Lawrence motorists stand in long lines to beat March 1 license-plate deadline

February 19, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 19, 1971:

  • Lawrence car drivers in 1971 were required to get an entirely new license plate (rather than just a new sticker) and all drivers were required to buy a new tag before the deadline of March 1. Lines at the Douglas County courthouse were circling the lobby and tag-buyers were waiting for up to 90 minutes before getting to the head of the line. Nearly 1,250 license plates had been sold on a recent day, the last day before a “late purchase penalty” of one dollar went into effect.
  • Vandals had caused nearly $70 in damages to the New York School, where lights and windows had been broken, apparently by BB gun pellets.
  • The 10,000 sailors at Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego were claiming that theirs was the most “with it” base in the “new Navy.” Capt. Alfred W. Chandler Jr., skipper of the base, had instituted a “Dial-a-Gripe” hotline for the men to complain directly to him, as well as occasional “go-go luncheons” with roast beef and Waldorf salads, live rock music and go-go girls dancing on tables.


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