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High School Sports

FSHS boys bowling wins first meet of the year

February 16, 2011


Free State High’s boys bowling team won its first meet of the year on Tuesday at a home triangular at Royal Crest Lanes.

The Firebirds totaled 2,574 pins, edging Washburn Rural (2,527) and K.C. Turner (2,512).

Justin Walthall led Free State with a 657 (218-235-204).

The FSHS girls (1,898) placed third, behind K.C. Turner (1,946) and Washburn Rural, which won the triangular with 2,058 pins.

Free State will compete in the Sunflower League tournament on Thursday at Mission Bowl before facing crosstown rival Lawrence High in a dual next Tuesday.


Val Walthall 7 years ago

1.) His name is JUSTIN... not Dustin. 2.) I thought it was pretty bad that it was Senior Recognition and the Varsity boys WON... yet NO-ONE from LJWorld was there to cover. Some of those boys on the varsity team bowled their best game EVER. Kyle Hall had his first 600 series yet not a peep fro LJW. 3.) Heads up, LJWorld... Sunflower League is Thursday at Mission Bowl... Regionals is next week at Westridge... and STATE is the following week. Give a little credit where credit is due.

mom_of_three 7 years ago

basketball pictures are sometimes captioned with the wrong name entirely. It's frustrating, but they are only human. Guess they need more reporters or something to cover high school sports.

Kash_Encarri 7 years ago

1.) Not the first time the JW has blown a name in the paper, especially if it was something called in since they weren't there to cover. 2.) Maybe you need to blame Anita for not alerting the paper to this being Senior day. I don't know that for a fact, but I wouldn't put it past her to forget about bringing something like this to the media's attention. That could also be the reason that Kyle's score wasn't even mentioned. Call it in and give total pin-fall and high series. 3.) League meet IS mentioned. No need to jump ahead to Regionals or State until after league is completed. I hope Justin can get beyond being a house bowler and make it to state as an individual, because I don't think the team is strong enough to make it as a group.

Credit where credit is due - the best bowler at FS didn't even go out for the team.

Take_a_letter_Maria 7 years ago

Wow Kash. Pretty gutsy taking on a momma bear head on. Sounds like you know Carlson pretty well though. Or do you work for the paper and have an inside scoop?

MISTERTibbs 7 years ago

I can see a parent being offended when their kid's name is incorrect in the paper Kash_Encarri. Don't let them off too easily there, especially when they mentioned the student in an earlier article related to the team.

Having said that, your other points must have been valid enough since the parent didn't try to refute any of it. With both schools having home basketball games for both boys and girls varsity and jV, and limited resources at the newspaper, I can see why there wasn't anyone there to cover the event. If the coach doesn't do anything to make the paper know it's a big deal there probably isn't a paper in the area that would have sent anyone to cover it if they were put in a similar situation.

Val Walthall 7 years ago

What is there to refute? It was my personal comment. I don't understand what there was to even post comments about? But you're right - the paper wouldn't have come to a minor sport such as bowling unless the coach would have asked them to. I get that.... my error... and I stand corrected. But you don't KNOW Anita - you don't know anything about her - so don't placing judgements about her character.

As far as the comment abuot "the best bowler at FS didn't even try out for the team"... I'm just going to assume you have the wrong High School, and leave it at that.

Kash_Encarri 7 years ago

I know Anita and it is an accurate observation.

And since I know what school the story was written about, and I know the coach, I also know that your assumption is incorrect. So we can leave it at that.

MISTERTibbs 7 years ago

I'd ask for a ringside seat, but it doesn't appear that it would much of a match. K_E makes some strong statements and all the mom can do is laugh because she has nothing.

I guess if the kid can make a show at state, she'll have the last laugh.

Kash_Encarri 7 years ago

True Sidney. I suppose there would be some redemption for Val if Justin could make all state. The kid I'm talking about has a state level championship as a junior bowler. He's also got multiple 7s in multiple centers.

Kash_Encarri 7 years ago

I, mistakenly, thought he had gone out for basketball instead. Turns out he had a certain teacher for Spanish. That coupled with the inability to work with a personal coach outside the team is what kept him from going out.

There is a kid, a little left hander, on the Sophomore basketball team that has consistantly shot 6+ who didn't go out because he likes basketball better in addition to not liking Anita. He might not be the top kid on the team, but he would have easily been in the top 3.

Val Walthall 7 years ago

It's too bad that the two sports he excells in fall within the same season. Believe me, we know how tough it is to play for a coach you don't get along with. Justin has faced that in the past in other sports. But I hope that if basketball doesn't work out for this athlete that he will consider bowling as an option and go out for the team. Quite frankly, if an athlete is doing well, there is very little reason or need to "coach" them. "Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records" - William A. Ward.

Good luck to you and to your little left hander. I hope you both find peace and do well.

Kash_Encarri 7 years ago

Now I get to lmao. Neither one of the boys I am talking about is my kid Val. That's why I can sit back and look at it objectively. I try and take in as much high school level sports as I can because, to me, it is about the best amateur participation as I can find. Once they hit college, it stops being for the pure enjoyment of the game.

I've been around the centers in the area enough to know that Free State was much better off the one year they had an assistant with a clue about the game and how to make your adjustments. That is something that bowlers should be able to do on their own, but you still have to teach them how to do it at some point and the current staff doesn't do a good job of that or correcting other flaws. If they did, then the athlete would know how bad an idea it is to headbutt a bowling ball.

As for me finding luck and peace. I believe you make your own, and I've been blessed with producing plenty of each. I hope you can say the same.

Believe me when I say "I hope I'm eating my words" in a couple of weeks. That would be some excellent crow for me because that means some Lawrence kids did well at the state level.

Take_a_letter_Maria 7 years ago

If you aren't the parent of either kid, how do you know so much about them?

Kash_Encarri 7 years ago

Pretty easy Maria.

I have a kid that attends FSHS.

I have coached youth sports in town since 1985, well before I had a child of my own, and I still do, even though my kids are older than the levels I coach.

I take an interest in all of the kids that I have coached, and most of those I have coached against. I know some things about some of these kids in town that even their parents don't know, and I know things about some high school coaches that would keep parents from defending them blindly if they were aware.

I've "run my mouth" too much already. Good luck to all of the high school athletes as your various state tournaments approach.

boxers_or_briefs 7 years ago

No matter how much you whine and argue, at the end of the day it's still bowling.

bwalthall 7 years ago

TO: Kash encarri: This is Proud Papa Bear. Had to create an account to comment, and not afraid to put my name out there. The current coaching staff took the Boys to state last year, and they won 3rd which was a great showing. Justin bowled a 650+ series which was 21st best in the state last year. This was in Wichita which is not "his house". As a junior bowler, Justin has also placed 2nd in the state for singles, also not in "his house". He has won several tournaments not in "his house". He has worked hard to be his best, so don't run him down.

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