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25 years ago: Phelps family lawsuits against Washburn law school dismissed

February 12, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 12, 1986:

  • A federal judge in Wichita had recently dismissed two lawsuits filed against Washburn University in connection with Washburn's refusal to admit three members of the Phelps family to its law school. Katherine and Rebekah Phelps, after being rejected from Washburn, had been admitted to Oklahoma City University Law School. Timothy Phelps had succeeded in gaining admittance to Washburn's law school in 1984, which was the third freshman class he had attempted to enter. The Phelps family had filed lawsuits charging Washburn with discrimination in not admitting the applicants, on the grounds that "the family is associated with black causes."
  • It was announced today that radioactive fuel had been removed two weeks earlier from the 25-year-old reactor at Kansas University. Professor Harold Rosson confirmed that the fuel had been removed and had then been shipped to a reprocessing plant in Savannah River, S.C. "We are now fuelless and are no longer an active reactor," said Rosson.


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