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Bill Self says incidents with Morris twins’ temper have been ‘addressed’

Kansas forward Marcus Morris, left, congratulates his brother Markieff after Markieff scored and was fouled during the second half against Nebraska on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 at the Devaney Center in Lincoln, Neb.

Kansas forward Marcus Morris, left, congratulates his brother Markieff after Markieff scored and was fouled during the second half against Nebraska on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 at the Devaney Center in Lincoln, Neb.

February 10, 2011


A caller to Bill Self’s Hawk Talk radio show Wednesday night wanted to know if he should be concerned about the Morris twins occasionally losing their temper(s) on the basketball court.

“I will tell you this: I don’t think you should lose any sleep over it. I think there are some other parties that potentially could lose some sleep over it,” Self, Kansas University’s eighth-year coach, cracked.

“We’ve done a lot of stuff with the twins in so many ways. They’ve matured. There’s a lot of ways they can mature more. I am not at all pleased at some of the things that’s transpired. (But) some that’s transpired sometimes appears worse than what it is. A lot of times we bring it on ourselves because of some previous actions where you’ve kind of developed a reputation.

“I am concerned. It has been addressed,” Self added of Markieff Morris being whistled for a flagrant foul in Monday’s Missouri game, two days after Marcus Morris was called for a technical at Nebraska.

Marcus was ejected from the Cal game on Dec. 22 for a flagrant foul, while Markieff also had a ‘T’ against UMKC.

“We had a long team meeting today,” Self said. “Believe it or not, you (talk show caller) could have probably conducted it because that was one of the topics we discussed in conjunction with a lot of other things.”

Self keeps any possible discipline private. He has been known to put players on the treadmill for transgressions in the past.

“I’m believing that stuff is behind us, and certainly if they care about their teammates and care about fans and care about KU and all those things, then it should be behind us,” Self said. “I know sometimes emotions get the best of a lot of us, including me, in the heat of the moment. But those are things we can’t allow to happen because it jeopardizes what we are all trying to do.”

Self has been thrilled with the progress and maturation of the twins, who are KU’s top two scorers and top two rebounders.

Marcus Morris averages 16.9 points to Markieff’s 13.2. Markieff has grabbed 8.4 boards per game to Marcus’ 6.8.

“They have matured so much, and they both care so much, and they both love their teammates so much that they have to eliminate a certain part that doesn’t have any place in the game, and they’ll see their performance level go even higher,” Self said. “I believe they’ll do it because I know how much they care.”


Larry Evans 7 years, 3 months ago

I have seen the Twins offer a helping hand to opposing players on the floor..That side can be mentioned too..Two sides to a coin.

squawkhawk 7 years, 3 months ago

Sorry but good sportsmanship is an expectation. Thuggish behavior is not!

OutlawJHawk 7 years, 3 months ago

If your super competitive, you have to have some moxy. These boys have it. Backing down is not an option for them. I love Self's players and their physical style of play. I for one am glad to be rid of those Roy Williams softy teams that couldn't deliver the national titles. With that said, I do think they should stop swinging at opposing players.

Kerry Knott 7 years, 3 months ago

It is really refreshing to see the guys playing with smiles on their faces and talking with each other during the games. It really looks like they are having fun on the court. I also like to see the good sportsmanship and helping guys off the floor after a hard basketball play, even if the opponent gets up jawwing and looking to stir something up as in the case of Nebraska. Keep up the good work.

Kontum1972 7 years, 3 months ago

Rock on Hawks....! Take No Prisoners..!

yellowdot99 7 years, 3 months ago

l love them and I love our team, but plane and simple those twins need to go to anger managment classes. It will help them now be better team players and it will help them the rest of their lives. I don't want to one day read about them in the paper, that anger got the best of them.

bstew34864 7 years, 3 months ago

kcsportsguy I am with you. The twins always try to help guys up off the floor. Especially the last 6 or 7 games. That kid on Nebraska started the whole thing. There is no way Marcus should have been called for a technical.

On the otherhand I love the way the twins play. It is refreshing to be a jayhawk fan and know that no other team we play will ever be tougher than us. Much better that the Roy teams. Perfect example, NC just lost to Duke last night. Not because they didn't have talent but in my opinion I didn't think they played tough defense or was tough rebounding the ball.

Go hawks and go twins. Just cut out a little more of the jaw jacking with other players and the twins will be unstoppable.


hammerhawk 7 years, 3 months ago

I believe it is important for every member of the mighty Kansas Jayhawks to play SMART!

Playing SMART in the twins case, is not drawing the attention of officials to everything that occurs on the court that might be construed as "overly" aggressive or other negative, non-basketball play.

Calvin Mabry 7 years, 3 months ago

I don't excuse some of the reactions the twins have had. I do think since the ejection the refs have been extra sensitive to anything they do. I've seen other Big 12 games and games around the country and players are throwing elbows much worse than the twins with no calls being made. I hope down the stretch they can keep their emotions in check, but it is nice to know our two best players play with such passion. rock Chalk!

davidsmom 7 years, 3 months ago

I love it! We runners always say, "Our sport is every other sport's punishment."

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