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StoryMarket provides new content syndication model for news organizations, syndicates, bloggers

February 8, 2011


StoryMarket home page.

StoryMarket home page.

StoryMarket login page.

StoryMarket login page.

On StoryMarket, you can upload text, photos, videos, audio and data. You can even combine your content pieces into a "content package" for purchase.

On StoryMarket, you can upload text, photos, videos, audio and data. You can even combine your content pieces into a "content package" for purchase.

StoryMarket, a new content network for syndicators, publishers, freelancers and bloggers, is being launched this month by The World Company, publisher of the Lawrence Journal-World.

The Associated Press and Universal Uclick have signed agreements to contribute content to StoryMarket.

StoryMarket provides a new model for the licensing and circulation of content. Along with offering high-quality à la carte content from well-known syndicators, StoryMarket gives each user tools to easily sell or share their own text stories, photographs, videos, audio clips and story packages to other StoryMarket members.

“We created StoryMarket to help publishers develop more cost-effective content options, and to help creators of content, including major syndicators, to find more opportunities to have their work widely licensed and published,” said David Ryan, StoryMarket’s chief architect and product manager.

“In StoryMarket, you can you make your content available to other StoryMarket users in any way you like — for sale, for free, in trade with other organizations in public or private content-sharing groups. Each user has full control over their content’s pricing, availability and licensing rights. Buy, sell or share — StoryMarket means content syndication on your terms.”

StoryMarket is for media companies of all kinds, from freelancers to major news organizations, community newspapers, magazines, syndicators, radio stations, TV stations, bloggers and niche websites — anyone seeking new sources of content and/or new content revenue possibilities.

“In StoryMarket, you get a customized feed of content matching your topic interests based on the organizations and users you follow,” explained Frank Wiles, StoryMarket chief technology officer. “We see the social network model as a great solution for helping people develop new content relationships that meet their specific needs. It’s the heart of the StoryMarket network.”

StoryMarket also gives members the opportunity to find new sources of content.

“We’d love to see first-rate bloggers establish relationships with print publications or magazines or radio stations looking for new sources of content,” said Ryan.


Kookamooka 7 years, 4 months ago

Very nice but do they pay their contributors? Do they merely aggregate content? Will this create jobs for writers or exploit them?

David Ryan 7 years, 4 months ago

Hi -- I'm the product manager for StoryMarket.

We absolutely hope StoryMarket will help journalists — writers, bloggers, videographers, photographers — find more outlets for their work and develop productive relationships with publishers. That's one of our core goals. Think of it as a network that allows any publisher or freelancer to set up their own content storefront. We're providing the tools to make connections and sell or share content — however a user sees fit.

We're not aggregating content for the public — in fact we've got some behavior algorithms that identify news consumers who appear to be simply browsing news content, something StoryMarket is not intended for — but rather providing a network for publishers to develop new connections with content creators, and for content creators to find and secure new outlets for their work. Like an iTunes model, StoryMarket takes a percentage of sales transactions.

There's an amazing amount of excellent content being created by more and more people, and we want to help get that content in front of publishers looking for new options, whether that be for print, radio, TV, magazines or web sites.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 7 years, 4 months ago

Sounds cool. Kinda "next level" for writers.

Ken Miller 7 years, 4 months ago


Payscale will be determined by publishers, with StoryMarket taking a percentage. So it behooves StoryMarket to encourage publishers to "buy" content. Do I have it right? And how much "encouragement" will StoryMarket be willing to expend? The last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time on a story which a publisher might like and want to use, but not pay for.

I do think it is a good concept. Thanks.

David Ryan 7 years, 4 months ago

I do think you have it right: we're very interested and motivated in helping sellers develop new licensing relationships for their work. Feel free to contact me at and we can discuss it further.

Suffice to say though that one of the most crucial tools we want to bring to the table is connecting good content with publishers looking to expand their options.

Raymond Munoz 7 years, 4 months ago

I gotta say, I really dig all the innovation from the World Company and LJWorld. Great job keeping up with the times!

TripleG 7 years, 4 months ago

This is perfect for an independent writer/blogger! Where do I sign up?

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