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Mass St. Chic: True-blue denim tops trends for spring

February 7, 2011


Come on ladies, don’t let winter get you down! Perk up your winter wardrobe — insert new spring trends and a healthy dose of bright colors into your daily wear now!


This spring, look out for bright, crisp blue jeans. A true-blue, 70s-like, clean wash will be the most in-style. Also, the hue should be even throughout all of the denim fabric — no distress marks, fading, rips or holes. In addition, try to purchase a pair of straight-leg or wide-leg jeans for the most modern silhouette. With skinny-jeans engrained in most women’s brains, this shift may be tricky to grasp — but just imagine how much your wardrobe opens up with the addition of this pant shape.

Manly accessories:

In the past few seasons, women have added menswear-inspired apparel to their own personal wardrobes. But this spring, designers are pushing past boyfriend jeans, oversized shirts and boyfriend blazers and moving onward to the accessories aisle. If this trend appeals to you, shop for briefcase-like handbags, leather cuffs and basic, utilitarian watches. All of these items are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Flirty Fringe:

Suede and leather accessories and clothing have always been a popular, western- inspired fashion trend. Either in your clothing or accessories, mix up your wardrobe and integrate a bit of fringe. I am particularly drawn to pieces that juxtapose materials, like a use of leather or suede that is unusually situated right alongside a gold or metal material. Also, painted fringe is intriguing. For a good example, check out the metallic shoulder duster earrings offered this spring by Chanel.

Chameleon-like Materials:

One other fun spring trend to watch out for is the use of one material specifically crafted to mimic another. Now, this doesn’t include faux fur or items made for similar reasons — instead you might find a leather jacket with a lace-like construction and pattern.

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