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Governor Sam Brownback praises Kansans for reaction to storm

Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Deb Miller on Friday said KDOT employees using 600 snow plows efficiently plowed roads from this week's winter storm. She said on a typical weekday in February approximately $175 million worth of commerce goes across state roads. Her comments came following a news conference by Gov. Sam Brownback, who commended Kansans for digging out of the storm.

February 4, 2011


— Gov. Sam Brownback is telling Kansas residents to take a bow for heeding warnings to stay off the roads during this week's severe weather.

The Republican governor says at a news conference Friday that despite the heavy snow, wind and bitter cold, Kansas crews were able to quickly respond to the storm.

Brownback said there were three fatalities, but more deaths and injuries were avoided by people staying off the roads during the storm.

The storm cost the Department of Transportation $1.6 million, with the Kansas National Guard spending about $9,000 to respond.

Maj. Gen. Lee Tafanelli, state adjutant general, says teams will be going across the state in the coming days to determine how much damage occurred and if the state will seek federal disaster assistance.


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