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Wichita police testing body-mounted cameras

February 3, 2011


— The Wichita Police Department has begun a four-week test of small cameras that can be mounted on an officer’s head, hat or eyewear.

Capt. Jeff Easter says the AXON camera is worn similar to a Bluetooth phone and will let officers record interactions with the public.

Easter says the evaluation period will last until Feb. 24 and help department officials determine the cameras’ effectiveness and costs.

The Wichita Police Department’s patrol cars already have dash-mounted cameras, and Easter says the body-mounted camera is being tested as an additional tool.

The equipment was developed by Taser, most commonly associated with electroshock devices used by law enforcement.


tonytman 7 years, 2 months ago

I dont understand what the problem is . All incoming mail to a prisioner is cheked and read. If it a refund check or it is taxs papers to file for a refund they send it to the irs an state that that person is in prision

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