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Brownback tells Kansans to stay home

February 1, 2011, 3:13 p.m. Updated February 1, 2011, 4:37 p.m.


— Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday urged Kansans to stay home as a winter storm left most roads snow-packed and stranded motorists in southeast Kansas.

Brownback also ordered state offices in Topeka and Shawnee County closed Wednesday -- the second straight day. The Legislature also will not meet Wednesday.

"First and foremost stay home," said Brownback during a news conference at the State Emergency Operations Center.

He said if people must travel, then they should be prepared with water, blankets and cellphones.

Kansas Adjutant General Lee Tafanelli and Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday survey weather reports from the State Emergency Operations Center in Topeka.

Kansas Adjutant General Lee Tafanelli and Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday survey weather reports from the State Emergency Operations Center in Topeka.

"Don't make yourself a victim," Brownback said.

Kansas Adjutant General Lee Tafanelli, who is in charge of the state's emergency response, said, "We are far from over with this particular disaster."

Most highways are snow-packed, including interstates 70 and 35. Officials said blowing drifting snow was making it difficult for crews to keep the roadways clear.

The Kansas National Guard has been asked to help in Cherokee County to transport emergency personnel to hospitals.

Brownback has issued a disaster declaration for 53 counties, including Douglas County.

Moderate to heavy snow is forecast until early Wednesday morning. Whiteout conditions were reported in southeast Kansas, leaving some motorists stranded.

Tafanelli said one fatality, in Smith County, has been reportedly related to the weather. Janet Devena, 61, of Agra, died in a car accident Monday, according to law enforcement authorities.


PegWessel 7 years ago

I love all of the comments about "just stay home". That, unfortunately, is difficult when you work in healthcare and take care of the elderly. Thank you to all of the wonderful workers who have jobs in long-term care communities. You make it to work and know that "staying at home" isn't an option. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

verity 7 years ago

I second that.

Also thanks to the emergency personnel who risk their lives.

BigAl 7 years ago

And once again, I agree with my friend (sometimes misguided) Tom.

somedude20 7 years ago

must be nice to not work at all...i needs to find me a sugar momma

Phillbert 7 years ago

Get big government off our backs! We should clear our own roads and go out if we want to. Let the free market deal with the snow!

vuduchyld 7 years ago

Love it! I'm quoting you elsewhere...

Practicality 7 years ago

"Brownback tells Kansans to stay home!"

LOL! I can just envision all the irate liberals of Lawrence running out the door now muttering to themself about how they will be darned if they let Brownback tell them what to do!

BigAl 7 years ago

As opposed to the lock-step republican sheeple that will obey their leader without question. Unlike some, most thinking people could decide this for themselves. I wouldn't expect some of you far right wackos to understand.

Wendy magillicutty 7 years ago

how's that? did their leader tell them to do something?

kernal 7 years ago

Then there were others who didn't have a way to get out. In hindsight, the city could have used city buses to evacuate some of those folks in the 9th Ward (and elsewhere) who didn't have cars, rides or bus fare. Hard lesson learned.

BigAl 7 years ago

Excuse me Capt Nutsack but Brownback and Kansas have absolutely nothing to do with Katrina.

My argument stands. Follow your leader.

FloridaSunshine 7 years ago

@Practicality...people find amusement in strange ways...

jhawkinsf 7 years ago

Far right, Far left, You're all the same. Can't you just see that. Perhaps if you kept quiet for a while and listened you might just get some common sense through those thick skulls of yours.

black_butterfly 7 years ago

Ditto! Simply put and great comment!

kernal 7 years ago

Meant to reply under GradenMomma's posting!

JayCat_67 7 years ago

True, but they're great for ratings. :-D

ModerateOne 7 years ago

In related news "Kobach tells Democrats to Stay Home on First Tuesday in November."

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

Dirty little secret, many do stay home anyway. Voting sometimes is very hard, you have to get up, get dressed.................

alie 7 years ago

especially since the first tuesday in november is the 1st and therefore not election day since, you know, election day is actually the first tuesday after the first monday thereby making it november 8 this year.

grow a brain.

ModerateOne 7 years ago

alie if you are going to pretend to be smart enough to tell someone to grow a brain you should know that you left out the phrase "in even numbered years.". There is no election on November 1 this year grumpypants.

ModerateOne 7 years ago

And there is no election on November 8 this year either.

ModerateOne 7 years ago

There is, however, an election on November 6, 2012 -- the first Tuesday in November.

Wanda Breeden 7 years ago

Ouch, Alie. Why so mean? I got a chuckle from ModerateOne's comment.

Wendy magillicutty 7 years ago

where are all the "weather forecast is a bunch of hooey" commenters?

Cait McKnelly 7 years ago

Along with all of the, "Global warming is a left wing conspiracy" grunts.

KEITHMILES05 7 years ago

The weather was not as bad as predicted. Very thankful!

Scott Tichenor 7 years ago

Brownback needs to tell Kobach to stay home... and do the job he was elected to do instead of running around the country trying to be a rock star for the Tea Party.

somedude20 7 years ago

why don't you call my boss Brownbutt and tell het that I need to stay home. hit me up, I will give you her #

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