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Brownback signs disaster declaration because of winter storm, offers assistance to 53 counties

February 1, 2011


— Because of the severe winter storm, Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday signed a disaster declaration that activates emergency actions and authorizes state resources for assistance statewide.

“We ask Kansans to be extremely careful as the storm moves across the state. Ice, snow and bitterly cold temperatures will make for very dangerous conditions,” Brownback said. “Planning ahead could save your life and that of your family,” he said.

Fifty-three counties, including Douglas County, are named in the declaration as areas likely to be affected.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management has activated the State Emergency Operations Center in Topeka to a “Watch Level,” with 24-hour staffing.

“We are ready to assist counties across the state if local entities are overwhelmed and need support,” Brownback said.


finance 7 years, 3 months ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? A legitimate government function? Gasp, choke, snort, faint. Oh no, I forgot: there's no such thing as legitimate government--or is there? Apparently snow government/management is important to Big Sam, at least for the fatherly goodwill photo op window of opportunity. What's the matter, Samuel? Gone all soft and communist on us by proposing a legitimate government function? Jeez, really? Government is good for something? Oh, yeah--essential services like snow (not like schools). Well, at least snow gets your attention (actually, you get my cold shoulder to make a winter comparison). Unfortunate that under-parented and under-funded children don't rate the same respect as snow. Disgusting.

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