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QB Dayne Crist eager to reunite with Charlie Weis
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B1
Dayne Crist has wanted to play in the NFL since he first picked up a football at the age of 6. And if things go well during his one season at Kansas University under the coach who recruited him to Notre Dame out of high school, Crist may get that chance.
Small Kansas town prepares for big Smithsonian traveling exhibit
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A1
When lifelong Franklin area resident Phyllis Bitner announced in September that the Smithsonian had selected the small community to serve as host of a traveling exhibit, she knew it would be good for the local economy.
Snowy owls head south in search of food
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A1
While the lack of snow on the ground may have put a damper on the holiday season, it’s something of a boon for those trying to spot a rare sight around these parts.
KDOT announces Kansas Highway 4 road work project among others
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A6
Kansas Highway 4 soon could have a smoother ride through Jefferson County.
In Iowa, Obama toils while GOP roars, then departs
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A6
One presidential campaign claims an impressive effort in Iowa this year: eight offices opened, 350,000 phone calls to potential supporters and 1,280 events to recruit and train volunteers.
Economists: Obama’s policies ‘fair’ or ‘poor’
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A6
President Barack Obama gets mediocre marks for his handling of the economy, and Mitt Romney easily outpolls his Republican rivals in an Associated Press survey of economists.
U.S. warns Iran against closing key oil passage
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A9
The U.S. strongly warned Iran on Wednesday against closing a vital Persian Gulf waterway that carries one-sixth of the world’s oil supply, after Iran threatened to choke off traffic through the Strait of Hormuz if Washington imposes sanctions targeting the country’s crude exports.
Brownback pushes agenda on taxes, schools, health care and state retirement for 2012
December 28, 2011
One year ago, when then-Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat, was asked if he had apprehensions about turning over the office to Republican Sam Brownback, Parkinson said no.
If you’re drinking on New Year’s Eve, use this free taxi
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A1
Lawrence partygoers have no excuse to drink and drive this New Year’s Eve. They can just call Tipsy Taxi.
KU women improve to 11-1
09:02 p.m., December 28, 2011 Updated 11:58 p.m.
Kansas University’s women’s basketball team finished up the non-conference portion of its schedule Wednesday night at Allen Fieldhouse with an 87-59 defeat of Sam Houston State.
Bargain hunters divided shopping season into two
December 28, 2011
The holiday shopping season turned out to be two seasons: the Black Friday binge and a last-minute surge.
Retrial set in Kansas baby’s hair dryer death
December 28, 2011
A Hutchinson woman who used a hair dryer to warm her infant daughter on a frigid night faces a second trial next month for the baby’s death from hyperthermia.
Around and About for Dec. 24, 2011
December 28, 2011
The Cordley School chess tournament was Dec. 10 at the Kansas Union.
Lawrence man, 20, faces drug charges
12:59 p.m., December 28, 2011 Updated 03:23 p.m. in print edition on A6
Lawrence police arrested a 20-year-old Lawrence man on several drug charges early Wednesday morning.
Kansas Highway Patrol troop asking for new headquarters
December 28, 2011
Kansas Highway Patrol officials plan to ask the Legislature when it convenes next month to spend more than $4 million on a new Troop F headquarters in Wichita.
Hawker Beechcraft sues over Air Force contract
11:57 a.m., December 28, 2011 Updated 09:39 p.m.
Hawker Beechcraft Corp. is suing the U.S. government because it was excluded from competing for a light attack aircraft contract worth nearly $1 billion.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback shows a new practicality
December 28, 2011
A year into his job of running Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback appears to be moving away from strict ideology and toward practicality on some topics. If so, that’s a good thing for all Kansans.
Data on kids is sobering
December 28, 2011
The recently released county-by-county specifics of the 2011 Kansas Kids Count data were sobering for Sedgwick County, identifying areas where improvement would be welcome in the approaching new year.
Does pay-go amendment hold water?
December 28, 2011
There’s a movement under way to get Kansas House and Senate members to pony up money for water for the Statehouse. Yes, another reminder of the Kansas House’s “pay-go” rule adopted last session. What?
Cranky croc steals Aussie zoo worker’s lawn mower
December 28, 2011
A giant saltwater crocodile named Elvis with an apparent affinity for household machinery charged at an Australian reptile park worker Wednesday before stealing his lawn mower.
Gingrich sharpens attacks on Romney, Paul
December 28, 2011
In just the last 24 hours, Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has blasted rival Mitt Romney as a “Massachusetts moderate” who isn’t “man enough” to take responsibility for the harsh attack ads being run on his behalf. And he lambasted Ron Paul’s views as “totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American.”
Clergymen clash at Bethlehem birthplace of Jesus
09:49 a.m., December 28, 2011 Updated 02:56 p.m.
The annual cleaning of one of Christianity’s holiest churches deteriorated into a brawl between rival clergy Wednesday, as dozens of monks feuding over sacred space at the Church of the Nativity battled each other with brooms until police intervened.
North Koreans salute, cry for late leader Kim Jong Il
09:47 a.m., December 28, 2011 Updated 11:10 p.m. in print edition on A9
Kim Jong Il’s son and successor was declared “supreme leader” of North Korea’s ruling party, military and the people during a memorial today for his father in the first public endorsement of his leadership by the government.
Preventive care: It’s free, except when it’s not
December 28, 2011
President Barack Obama’s health overhaul encourages prevention by requiring most insurance plans to pay for preventive care. On the plus side, more than 22 million Medicare patients and many more Americans with private insurance have received one or more free covered preventive services this year. From cancer screenings to flu shots, many services no longer cost patients money. But there are confusing exceptions.
AG Schmidt: Netsmartz reached more than 56K in 2011
09:44 a.m., December 28, 2011 Updated 12:48 p.m.
The Kansas attorney general’s office says a program designed to help keep children safe on the Internet reached more than 56,000 kids this year.
Saline County home burglarized while family volunteers
December 28, 2011
Authorities in Saline County are looking for whoever burglarized a home on Christmas day while the owners were volunteering at a homeless shelter.
SandRidge Energy trades some drilling rights
December 28, 2011
SandRidge Energy has traded some of its drilling rights for $1 billion to finance development of its land holdings in southwest Kansas and northern Oklahoma.
Wichita shooting range considers changes after suicides
December 28, 2011
A Wichita business owner says he’s considering some changes after two suicides at shooting ranges this month.
First Bell: Lawrence school board to receive enrollment projections in new year; investigation continues into Dec. 1 bomb threat
December 28, 2011
Time for another edition of “First Bell,” a look at issues and items involving education in and around Lawrence.
Heard on the Hill: Incendiary newsletters connected to presidential candidate Ron Paul can be found at KU; faculty member accused of plagiarism faces more penalties; six win Hall Center fellowships
December 28, 2011
Your daily dose of news, notes and links from around Kansas University.
Naadir Tharpe, Jayhawks return to fieldhouse for camp
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B1
It took Kansas University freshman Naadir Tharpe all day Friday to travel from Los Angeles — site of the Jayhawks’ 63-47 victory over USC — to his hometown of Worcester, Mass. “It was six or seven hours maybe (in the air). It was intense, but as long as I got home safe and sound is all that matters,” said the 5-foot-11, 170-pounder, who spent three nights at home before returning to Lawrence in time for practice Monday night.
100 years ago: Elks Club members buy clothing, shoes for needy residents
December 28, 2011
“While the big crowd was gathering at the tree, a committee was busy taking down the names of those who really needed warm clothing.”
25 years ago: Evolution vs. creation debated locally, nationally
December 28, 2011
Twenty-five years ago, a substantial number of U.S. college students supported equal time for “creation science” in public schools.
Jayhawks in the NBA
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B4
Here’s how former Jayhawks fared in the NBA in games of Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011.
Jordan Tolbert sparks Texas Tech, 74-58
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B4
Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie said freshman forward Jordan Tolbert is going to be a special player one day.
Drew Gooden suspended for foul
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B2
Milwaukee Bucks forward Drew Gooden was suspended without pay for the team’s first home game Tuesday night for his flagrant foul in the season opener.
NFL drama going right to the end
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B2
Revenge is an overrated emotion in the NFL. Fans think about it, the media speculates about it, but for players - many of whom spend time with multiple franchises over the course of their career - the game is more about paychecks than payback. The upcoming game in Denver could be an exception.
Kansas women hot shots
December 28, 2011 in print edition on B1
Understanding the difference between a good shot and a bad shot has helped Kansas University’s women’s basketball team become one of the most effective shooting teams in the nation.
40 years ago: Bottled message found in Kaw
December 28, 2011
A note in a bottle thrown into the Kansas River during an idle summer day had been found by two Lawrence boys.
Timely message
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A8
“Amahl and the Night Visitors” should have been shown widely in support of the protesters.
Tree tragedy
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A8
It was a beautiful Christmas present to open the Dec. 24 issue of the Journal-World and see Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” next to Mike Yoder’s photograph of the devastation caused by Westar’s new “proactive” tree policy (see Journal-World, Dec. 21).
Taxpayers should be top focus
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A8
According to the Mayan “long count” calendar, the final day on Earth is less than a year away, on Dec. 21, 2012.
U.S. carefully offers political help in Iraq
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A8
As the chaos mounts in Baghdad, some Republican politicians have been asking: Who lost Iraq? But that’s a foolish question.
Casino crowd
In the season of hope, thousands of people flocked to a new casino near Wichita Monday in hopes of coming out a winner.
December 28, 2011 in print edition on A8
Maybe it was something about the holiday season that made hope spring eternal Monday in Mulvane. On the first Christmas, wise men and shepherds followed a bright star to Bethlehem to behold the birth of Jesus. On Monday, people were flocking to a different star, the new Kansas Star Casino, which opened its doors for the first time at 8 a.m.
Horoscope for Dec. 28
December 28, 2011
This year your ability to adapt and grow comes to the forefront. Many changes could greet you. If you are single, remind yourself that time is an ally. Use it. Don’t decide on a commitment until next year. If you are attached, the two of you have different opinions. Respect the differences, and your bond will grow closer. Aquarius can offend your sensibilities by their very nature.
Less than bowled over by the season
December 28, 2011
It never fails to amaze me this time of year how the urge to “brand” everything takes the magic out of college bowl games. Or at least their names.